6 Weeks to Fire Your Inner Critic & Hire Your Inner Coach

In just 6 weeks you could “Fire Your Inner Critique and Hire Your Inner Coach” 

to be a more Confident, Empowered, Stronger You.

The self, you were always destined to be. 

Traci Cornelius

Intuitive Coach

EFT Advanced Practitioner, Emotion Code Practitioner

and Intuitive Psychic Reader


Robyn-Bourne Testimonial for Traci Cornelius Robyn Bourne

“My business and personal life now have a clear purpose and vision that I am working towards, Traci has helped to identify my dreams, then clear the blockages to get me on the right track, plus pulling me back there when I veer off on some random tangent. Together I know that I will get there and it will be what I really want.

Traci has an amazing talent both with her EFT and coaching. It is like she has an inbuilt mechanism to be able to identify the issues before you can work them out yourself and then gets straight to the core, which saves time and means you get to work on the deeper bits quicker.

One of the things I love about Traci’s work (and there are lots that I go back for and would recommend to anyone) is her intuitiveness. When you think the issue is one thing but Traci comes up with a much better, and actually the correct issue, it really helps me. She clears the trees from the woods so you can focus and move forward rather than procrastinating for any longer than is necessary.

I have found Traci to be incredibly professional, thoughtful, intuitive, caring and going above and beyond to ensure that you walk away in a better place.”

Alix-Macey Testimonial for Traci CorneliusAlix Macey

“Traci is possibly one of the most exceptional psychics I have ever come across. I have had numerous readings with this lovely soul, and she never fails to amaze me. Her connection to spirit is so strong, and the information passed over, so precise, you could be left in no doubt as to their validity. Coupled with her beautiful and compassionate manner, a reading with Traci will never disappoint. She is an absolute angel. ”

Michelle-Henderson Testimonial for Traci CorneliusMichelle Henderson

“I’ve had a life reading this morning from Traci via computer link, if I had only one word to use in this review it would be WOW!
I was slightly apprehensive about an online reading but from the first moment I was at ease (Traci is very friendly and confident and puts you at ease straight away) she doesn’t ask questions, she simply and authentically reads and interprets the messages the cards you have chosen, give.
My reading was just what I needed to make sense of and move on from situations I have been dealing with.
I would highly recommend Traci to do anyone a life reading and will certainly be booking mine again. Thank you Traci ”