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Do you use affirmations? Have you used them in the past?  I know for many of the clients I have and do coach they have either:

  • Heard of them
  • Tried them out for a few days
  • Lasted a few months
  • Had hit and miss results

Do you recognise any of those? Well, I am here to rectify that!  Did you know that there is a formula to using affirmations successfully?

Affirmation Formula

Affirmation Formula 5 Steps to Success

I have been using affirmations in the traditional sense since about 2007.  However, I have used a form of affirmations since around the age of maybe even 10 years old.  It was just at that time I didn’t know it was called an affirmation.  For me it was positive thinking.  And really it also was not something I really gave much conscious thought as to what I was doing.  That is one of the blissful parts about being a child, you do not put labels on things or even really think about it, it is just something you do.

Before I share my Affirmation Formula with you lets look at what an affirmation is.

What is an Affirmation?

A dictionary definition defines it as:-

The action or process of affirming something.

Just thinking of that statement you may also then wonder, well what is ‘affirming’?  The dictionary meaning is:- to state emphatically or publicly.

This statement alone should give rise to the notion that this is not something to be done half heartedly!  

Affirmation Formula

How to Put an Affirmation Together

You may not have given much thought into how you put your affirmations together.  Or even to the ones you read out from others.  But as I mentioned before there is an Affirmation Formula that increases your affirmations effectiveness.  Before putting an affirmation together there are two categories to consider.

The category of gain and the category of release.  In life there are only ever really two categories when we are to consider life and it’s wondrous experiences.  Those we wish to have (ie gain) and those we wish to avoid (ie release).

Now that you have an understanding that an affirmation is to either gain something or to release something it makes it a little easier to start.

Step 1. What do you want? Gain.

Affirmation Formula Questions

This on the surface may seem such an easy question to ask. Yet, many clients I work with and have worked with are great at telling me what they do not want but struggle on verbalising and feeling what it is they do want.

We often put a limitation on a want. We may say to ourselves “I would like a property in a warm climate, overlooking the sea with a swimming pool in the garden.”  Almost immediately the logical side of our brain will interfere.  Showing you that this is way above your current capability and start to try to get you to think ‘logically’ about how that is going to happen. The same if you were to say; “I would like to earn a million pounds this year, find the man or women of my dreams, travel to a new country every 2 months…. fill in the blank to your desire(s).

“An affirmation is not about what you can achieve now – it is what you would like to achieve.”

For your gain affirmations, I would like you to imagine, without limitations. After all why limit?  If the mind can achieve what it perceives then help it to perceive your highest, wildest desires.

Step 2. Positive Context

As we have established already that an affirmation for gain has no limits, it also needs to be understood that it also needs to be in Positive Context.

Step 3. Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet really is best, mainly as even though you may read your affirmations from a card, piece of paper, journal etc…. It is easier for the brain to digest a few lines than a few paragraphs.

Step 4. Present Tense

Another distinction of writing a good affirmation is writing it in the present tense, as if you have it now, adding gratitude also helps, (more on Gratitude in a future post).

Gain Affirmation Examples

This first example is one from my 21 day Positive Intention Course which I added a very short meditation too.  The combination of affirmations and meditation or mindfulness is amazing and very powerful.

Affirmation Formula I wake up Everyday

This is a firm favourite from my affirmation of the week series as it resonates with so many.  However, it still fits in with all the points made in the post.

  • It’s Positive
  • Short and Sweet
  • In the Present Tense

Affirmation Formula I attract the finances

Step 1.1 What do you want to let go off? Release

These affirmations work similarly except they are about letting go, releasing something that is holding you back.

Release Affirmation ExamplesAffirmation Formula affirmation of the week I release

And here is another Release example:-Affirmation Formula affirmation of the week I let go

Personally I use release affirmations sparingly.  However, if you are just starting out with affirmations or even personal development then you may have a lot you wish to release and let go off and this is a wonderful way of helping you to do that. There is another invaluable lesson I learnt that transformed my affirmations especially when it came to the timing.

Step 5. When to Say your Affirmations – Timing

You may think that there is no special timing to an affirmation, morning, afternoon, evening.  You are quite right, any time is better than no time!  However, there is a formula as to when to use gain or release affirmations to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The formula is all to do with the moon.  In particular the cycle of the moon.  If the moon is waxing that is the time to say your Gain Affirmations and if the moon is waning then that is the time for your Release Affirmations.

Affirmation Formula Moon

So to recap on the Affirmation Formula;

  • Gain or Release
  • Positive
  • Short and Sweet
  • Present Tense
  • Waxing Moon for Gain
  • Waning Moon for Release

I would love to here how you get on with the my Affirmation formula so do leave me a comment below and if you have a favourite affirmations then please do share.

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x

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