Why should I book a reading with you was a question I was asked to look at during a recent event.  It really got me thinking. What makes me different? What makes my readings unique? The answer to this is coming to you in a blog post as I am sure many of you asked that question before you booked a reading with me or even may be asking that now before you book a reading. Although you may not ask me that directly, you maybe searching for the answer in the about me section or perhaps by looking at my reviews.


Firstly, I am an experienced Intuitive Psychic reader that uses Angel, Tarot or Oracle cards as a tool.  My first readings for others were conducted in my late teens and early twenties.  Since then I have conducted thousands of readings. Many people from all walks of life including some very well known and famous celebrities. However, discretion is always guaranteed. Readings are conducted via phone or chat. In recent years in particular many clients have found this to be the most convenient method for them, however, I do have a limited number of face-to-face readings per year.

As a continuous student I am always improving my skills, connection and knowledge. I am also an EFT Advanced Practitioner, Law of Attraction Facilitator, Life Coach and Life Purpose Coach. Have studied energy therapies, Crystals, Angel Therapies just to name a few. This is also why I also do a number of public speaking engagements and collaborate with other companies.

Reading Style

All readers have ‘a style‘. No matter what strength or gift, as some like to call it, we have, our personalities and core beliefs as well as connection all play a part in how your reading is delivered. Many of my clients describe my readings with the following words:-

  • Honest
  • Genuine
  • Uplifting
  • Informatve
  • Empathetic

I provide many validations to help you feel connected and at ease during the reading.  I like to think that I am a caring, genuine, uplifting and inspiring reader that can help you to find the answers within. Enabling you to make the best decisions in life that are truly aligned to your highest good.

As a Psychic, I tune into your energy allowing me to see and feel patterns and behaviours. These may have been keeping you stuck in various areas of your life such as relationships or career.

Have you felt that you are experiencing the same or similar issues in your relationships time and time again?  I am able to help you identify why that has been happening. Giving you the power to change it.

Do you feel unappreciated and overlooked in your career no matter which company you work for? Again, I am able to help you to identify where the blocks to progression are arising, helping you to overcome them.

Are you feeling that your nearest and dearest do not have your best interests at heart? Or do not understand you?  A reading with me can help identify the core issues. I can also tune into others energy, giving you a chance to balance those differences or know when focusing on yourself is the right way to go.


Reviews are very important and help you to understand another persons experience of a reading with me.  I cannot stress enough that it is another persons perspective and experience of the reading with me.  This is why I welcome all feedback.

Here are some examples from the various places I conduct readings:-

Book a Reading Reviews

Book a Reading Reviews The Circle

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You can Book a reading with me in a convenient and easy way through my booking system. Here you can see my availability immediately, manage your booking and payment.

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x



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