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What is a Crystal Grid

Ever heard of a Crystal Grid? Maybe you have seen one and been interested.  Or you may have heard how they are for amplifying your intentions but do not know how to set one up. Here, I will go through: What is a Crystal Grid How to set up a Crystal Grid My Tips for... Read more

Are you Dreaming Big Enough?

Are you Dreaming Big Enough? Do you Dream Big? Are you Dreaming Big Enough? Dreaming big allows us to imagine a life and life experiences beyond our current reality.  Dreaming Big helps us to go beyond our comfort zones, propelling us forward.  But is your Big Dream,... Read more

12 Month Oracle Reading Offer

Get 40% Off your 12 Month Oracle Reading. Ends Midnight tonight! Your 12 Month Oracle Reading is designed to provide you with a snapshot into each month giving you an awareness of important issues, attitudes and influences. 12 Month Oracle Reading This can then help... Read more

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