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About Me

Traci Cornelius Transformation Business CoachWelcome and thank you for wanting to get to know a bit more about me.

Like many, my story is not really a succinct one. It is long with many twists and turns which I liken to business and life itself.  Many of the twists and turns have helped me to learn, to grow and to become a successful entrepreneur.

On a personal level I am a Mum to five wonderful, adorable, courageous, independent and challenging girls. My girls, in particular my four younger ones aged 6, 5, 4 and 2 are all little miracles in themselves, as after my first child who is now 21, I was told I could not have any more children.

On a professional level I have run many businesses and had many jobs trying to find the right ‘fit’. Success often seemed out of reach.  A frustrating path of costing me dearly in terms of time and money.  But the drive of wanting to find a better way of life for myself and my children meant I kept going. But not before I hit rock bottom… Trying so many businesses, listening to so many ‘so called’ experts, course after course and programme after programme and still I could not replicate some of my previous business successes.

I knew there was a better way.  I knew I could make it work, I just had to find out what I had missing… So I stopped trying to take on the latest shiny new course and instead looked back.  I analysed, dissected, ran a critical and yet observant eye over every previous experience…

I discovered exactly where I had gone wrong in my previous businesses.  Everything I had been through, the good the bad and the ugly started to come together into the best discovery of all the “5 Power Principles” 

I implemented them, first in my business and then in others and so they then became the “5 Power Principles” that other people wanted to know about!

Today I am more than blessed and I am filled with eternal gratitude not just for my family, but for all the amazing women I get to help, for all of the lives I get to touch and turnaround using the “5 Power Principles”. For the Public Speaking engagements I get to attend sharing the message that there is a better way for us as Female Entrepreneurs, a Blueprint to success without overwhelm, stress and fatigue.  Without having to overwork and be underpaid…

If you are not already in the “5 Power Principles Programme” then I hope you will be joining the amazing group of successful women who are.

Traci x