About Me

Traci CorneliusWelcome and thank you for wanting to get to know a bit more about me.

Like many, my story is not really a succinct one. It is long with many twists and turns which I liken to life itself.  Many of the twists and turns have helped me to learn, to grow and to get onto the right path and that path is to true authenticity, happiness and joy.

On a personal level I am a Mum to five wonderful, adorable, courageous, independent and challenging girls. My girls, in particular my four younger ones aged 6, 5, 3 and 1 are all little miracles in themselves, as after my first child who is now 20, I was told I could not have any more children.

On a professional level I have run many businesses and had many jobs trying to find the right ‘fit’. That ‘fit’ seemed to elude me when it came to longevity.  At first I would be all excited and think this was the direction. Then, a few months in I would already be feeling the dreaded this is not right for me.  It was not until I embraced who I truly was in all senses of the word that I really found the perfect balance.  I have always loved to empower and inspire people and that is born from a childhood of being made to feel that I was less than I was.

Being Physically, Mentally and Sexually abused and then having no voice, no understanding and being made to feel that I would never escape. Only, I did have an escape and it was one that was within me.  This part of my story would be far to lengthy to explain here, but let’s just say, even through those circumstances I still felt blessed and protected. My Spiritual Journey started so young, in fact not that I knew it at the time from a conscious perspective, it has been going on since the day I was born and still continues to be as much a part of me as living is. To me they are not separate. To me they are also not exclusive, everyone is connected, it is a matter of awareness.

This awareness or the lack of it that many people feel, is what led me to my profession today.  As an EFT Advanced Practitioner that was fascinated by energy therapies, the Law of Attraction, Mindset, Psychology and why some people do what they do, or don’t do, a life long spark or passion for understanding us human beings was born.  I already knew from my own experiences that perspective and awareness could be the difference between thriving or dying in a situation and whilst I still thrived to a certain extent even in my childhood that was not always the case for my siblings.

My connection to understanding people and life was something that took me a long time to understand.  I thought everyone saw things the way that I did. I thought everyone had access to the understanding I had.  And whilst this is in part true, everyone does have access, not everyone is aware they have. This access and awareness is also what helps me in my Coaching and Readings.

I am an intuitive Psychic who is Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Claircognizant. All this means is I can ‘see, feel and know’ things. Being an Intuitive means I can tap into the energies and read them. I can also use tools such as Angel Cards, Oracle cards or Tarot as a guide.  Being Psychic means I am able to foresee things that have not happened yet but no that does not mean that it is set in stone.  I see Psychic Readings as a way of being able to help you course correct if you need too.  It is more a guidance than telling. More of a way for you to create your future than to predict it.  There is such a good reason for this too, prediction means you are giving the control over to someone else, creating means you are in control and hence empowering and inspiring yourself and your life. I am merely a tool to help you to create your best life in the same way that Oracle cards are a tool for me.

Transformation Coaching was born from a need and want, to help my clients get to the ‘How to’, the ‘action steps’ to creating their best life.  Whilst readings can show you the possibilities, it requires action on your part to make it happen. Yet, I was finding that many of my clients were stuck in patterns of behaviour that were keeping them stuck and whilst EFT could help to rectify some of these I was then finding that my clients needed to know the tools and strategies to continue to grow, to manifest and to make things happen, in all areas of their life.

My approach is unique as I wholeheartedly believe that working on you on a soul and core level is the answer to achieving true happiness and balance. My coaching helps you to  establish who you really are and what your direction is, without knowing this will just lead you back to the drawing board.

I like to think I have a holistic approach that helps you to be all you can be but to also know at a core and soul level what that truly means for you.

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x