Do you truly know your Business Purpose? Do you know what problem you are solving and can you tell others in a compelling way that means they want to know more?

Business Purpose Venn Diagram

As a business and mindset coach, I work with my clients to help them grow and scale their businesses which always starts with the fundamentals. It is surprising how often businesses that have even been around for 10+ years are missing vital sections.

Understanding your business purpose is one such fundamental aspect of your business because it helps you to communicate with your potential clients, your clients, your team, staff and is part of your core messaging. Without this many are losing new clients, sales, money and possible collaborations.

Business Purpose

Your business purpose is broken down into 4 key areas:

  • Biggest Problem~ What is the biggest problem your service or product solves
  • Why ~ Why are you solving it?
  • When ~ When do you need to provide the solution?
  • How ~ How will you deliver the solution

Biggest Problem

As a business owner or entrepreneur, it is likely that you solve many problems for your clients or customers. If your communication concentrates on all of those problems at the same time you will often lose your audience.

It becomes overwhelming. It may mean they are not sure what option to take or more often than not it provides a reason for them to talk themselves out of needing the solution you provide. If you have listed a few areas that you help with and they say yes to some but no to others you have lost them and therefore the possible new client or sale.

It is better to work out the biggest problem you solve, concentrate on marketing that key area and then introduce the other areas one by one in your future marketing.

For example in this post I could talk about your business purpose, your ideal client, how to introduce what it is you do, your marketing message, I think you get the point and whilst all of them are great and will help you in your business it is is too much. Success comes through communicating one issue at a time.

This helps to increase the know, like and trust factor, increase opt-ins for your baseline marketing strategy and ultimately increase conversions.


Why are you solving it? This helps to build rapport and understanding. People buy from people. Understanding and communicating this helps to bridge the gap for others when you are presenting what you do. It often gives the opportunity to show your passion and desire to help. For example, you may have been through an experience that led to helping others. Maybe you witnessed too many people with this issue and that inspired you to take a stand and come up with a solution. You may have been close to another that had an experience that you wanted to ensure others were saved from experiencing the same thing. There are more examples I go through in my training to really help you dive deep dive into this section. This section helps to position you as the guide. Provides the social proof that you have the right experience, qualifications and are an expert which again builds the trust factor. This ultimately becomes part of your story, your marketing message.


This is an area I often seen missed out. When in your potential clients’ pain cycle do you need to offer the solution? If you are too early they will not be ready to buy. If you are too late they will have gone to a competitor. When you think about your ideal client there is a pain cycle they will be going through. Pre-recognition that they have the problem that your service or product solves. Through to stage 1, recognition. This is when they are becoming aware but not yet ready to act. Stage 2, they can no longer ignore the issue and may start investigating possible solutions. Stage 3, they are actively seeking the solution and are ready to take action. Stage 4, getting disheartened as they cannot find a solution. Stage 5, giving up on finding a solution. Now for some areas, these stages will have varying degrees of pain and will differ slightly but the fact remains the same you need to be able to communicate to your potential clients and present your solution at the right time and in their language.


How are you going to deliver the solution? This area looks at strategy. Is the solution provided by a service or a product? For example, if through a service is the solution delivered face-to-face, through training, through a download etc… There are many options available and often more than one. We deep dive into this in my training and ‘How Module’.

My Gift for you

To get you started on identifying your Busines Purpose I am gifting you one of my modules the What and Why where you can really identify what problem or issue you are solving and why it is you are solving it to start to build your message.

Business Purpose Gift What and Why



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