Overcoming procrastination is an area I work on a lot with my coaching clients. It seems that many entrepreneurs suffer from procrastination and as I go into what procrastination really is, it may make sense to you as to why!

What Procrastination really is   Procrastination can be life-changing for all the wrong reasons. You can be gaining momentum in your business, building a regular, consistent income or having a growth period and then procrastination hits. It starts off with just a little delay… Maybe making a few more cups of coffee, the ‘need‘ to tidy your desk. a quick video can’t hurt… can it… Maybe just a quick check of Facebook and then… A few hours have passed and now you are even more behind and you ‘know‘ you should really get going but you procrastinate even more! From all the surveys I have conducted with entrepreneurs the top ways of procrastinating are:-

  • Tidying – whether that be your desk, your office and many said that working from home then meant the urge to tidy the house!
  • Facebook or watching video’s (yes cat videos were mentioned!)
  • Online shopping (seems some of you like to spend while you procrastinate!)

The issue is none of these helps you in your business or your life! Procrastination is sabotaging your efforts to be more successful, to have the business you want, to have the time and financial freedom.

Overcoming Procrastination

To be able to overcome procrastination, first, we need to understand what it really is.  Procrastination at its core is stress.  The trigger is stress and the response to that trigger is procrastination.  Understanding this is the first step in being able to overcome it.

Overcoming Procrastination Traci Cornelius

4 Steps to Overcoming Procrastination

There are 4 steps that you can do to help you to overcome procrastination:-

  1. Acknowledge ~ Acknowledge that procrastination is stress and also acknowledge that you are procrastinating
  2. Identify ~ Identify where the stress is coming from.  What is causing the stress?
  3. Forgive ~ Forgive yourself for whatever has caused the stress.  You cannot change what happened only how you react and act towards it now
  4. Action ~ Take a small action towards your goal or task.  Keep taking small actions every time experience procrastination.

Why Take Small Action?

Taking small action towards your goal or task is a crucial step as procrastination which you now know is a response to stress is also a learned habit.  We need to be able to effectively replace that habit with a better one.  Small actions give you the quick win, quieten the brains stress response and the more you can repeat that process every time procrastination arises the less procrastination has a hold and the more the small actions become the new habit.


Traci x Traci is a Business and Mindset Coach helping Female Entrepreneurs with Strategy, Mindset that gets results.  She is also the founder of Women Rockin Business and the Women Rockin Business Podcast

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