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Psychic Protection is a popular subject. But I like to simplify it and say, it is Energy Protection. As the truth be told it is your energy you are protecting.  And likewise it is other people’s energy you are protecting yourself from absorbing.

The word Psychic can really put many people off. Believe me, as a Psychic, I have seen, experienced and witnessed this time and time again. Also I have found that many people’s reaction of “But I am not a Psychic” means that this is something they feel does not apply to them.  However, this is a practice I share with all the clients I coach as well as many I have conducted readings for.Psychic Protection Energy ProtectionI was reading Kyle Gray’s blog post, Psychic Protection 101. When all of a sudden, from my right ear, I had a very high-pitched, loud, noise blocking out all sound.  I instantly stopped reading and went into my favourite meditation, (more on that in a later post).

My Message from the Universe

I went into my Crystal Cave.  This is a part of my meditation that creates a meeting place for my Guides, Angels or even loved ones. If anyone has a message to pass on, it will be in this space.

There inside my crystal cave, was a male figure. I may not see them in a physical way as I would see you but I feel and see their energy. His energy was strong. He was tall and had a white glow.  His voice literally spoke right into my soul.  The voice was so profound that my soul virtually vibrated. He said “Pay attention” (if I am to be fair, I knew that as soon as I started reading Kyle’s article, as it resonated so much!).  In just two words I knew this male energy was basically telling me, what I had only been thinking, that very morning.

I had become lazy and I KNEW that I should be protecting my energy from the moment I woke up.  For example, as delightful as my children are they are also very emotional. Their emotions and energy effects mine! The male energy told me there was a deeper connection and understanding unfolding in me and that I was going to require all of my energy. As well as preserving it, to be of the level of service required. With that, their energy turned from the white glow into various hues of green, before disappearing all together.

I have to say it was pretty cool! No matter how long I have been doing my spiritual work and embracing my spiritual journey which has been to various degrees of focus and attention for…. well over 20 years now! It always gives me that WHOA, NO WAY, kind of moment when things like that happen. I feel like calling up my besties and saying you never guess what just happened…. However, as much as I marvel in the miracle of energy connection and I do still consider it a miracle every time, because it feels magical, it feels profound.  It gives me continuous hope and helps me to want to help others to feel the connection even more. My besties however, well, not all of them share that level of enthusiasm and that is ok. I just sit and take it all in with gratitude.

In Kyle’s post he puts it so wonderfully with his three-step process of Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise. You see when invoking Psychic Protection or as I like to call it Energy Protection we often do it too late. We invoke it when we are beginning to feel drained, when the energy has already started to drain.  This effectively then creates a bubble. Trapping that draining energy within you so it can drain your energy even more! So, if you have been thinking this “Psychic Protection’ stuff just doesn’t work, that could be why.

My Psychic Protection or Energy Protection has always been a bright white and golden light. More like a white light with gold sparks or glitter if it makes it easier for to visualise that. And this light always starts above my aura and then starts to make its way down covering my entire aura and body. The gold sparks or glitter, have also always served as a way of cleansing me at the same time as adding this layer of protection.  In many ways I was doing a version Kyle’s cleanse without even really having it as a conscious thought.

My Psychic Protection or Energy Protection Process

I like to take some deep breaths as though I am preparing myself. It is a way of declaring to my body and my mind hey, we are going to be doing something now.  I take in a deep breath for 6 counts, (you may want to start with 4) hold for 2 and release for the same as the in-breath. I repeat this process 3 times.Psychic Protection Energy Protection Traci CorneliusThen, and maybe you want to do this with me now… Imagine this ball of white light with gold sparks (glitter) that floats down from the Universal Consciousness above. The glow from this ball emanates from it giving it a hazy appearance on the outside.  As it floats down towards you it hovers just above the Crown Chakra. From there it projects this shower of light that permeates every part of your aura and being.  It pours down onto the top of your head, flowing down to your shoulders and as it does so, just like a physical shower of warm water you can feel the warmth, love, strength and protection. Unlike a physical shower though you can feel this on the inside of your being as well as the outside.

This continues to pour into your body. Down your arms, back and abdomen.  Continuing down through your body to your hips and thighs.  All this time those gold sparks are cleaning and clearing your body and aura of any negativity and stagnant energy that is no longer serving you.

Continuing down through your legs, knees, calves and ankles. Down to your feet and continuing through your feet penetrating your aura just as it has been all around you.

Then repeat these words “Thank you for cleansing and clearing my body and aura.  For enveloping me in your love and divine protection. I release all fear and negativity with love, so I can be all that I can be to my highest good.”

Then as we started, so we finish.  With 3 deep breaths.  Breathe in for the count of 4, hold for 2 and release for the same count as the in-breath.

If you do any spiritual or energy work then Psychic Protection or Energy Protection really is essential.  However, I also recommend it for everyone. Have you ever experienced spending time with someone who afterwards you felt exhausted?   You may have even felt as though you needed a nap! These ‘energy vampires’ as they are commonly called literally zap the energy from you.  Invoking Psychic Protection or Energy Protection helps to protect your energy from being zapped (and yes that is a technical term, he he). This means that no matter how negative a person that is around you maybe, your energy stays in balance with you.  Unfortunately it does not protect you from being annoyed or frustrated and that is why I so often talk about having people who you associate with, be in alignment with you.

As always I would love to hear from you so do let me know how the Psychic Protection or Energy Protection Process worked for you and do share any stories where you have been affected by another’s energy.

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x

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