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EMMA-JANE is an Entrepreneur running a series of lifestyle businesses. She was the face of The Wellbeing Show for That’s TV and now presents her own YouTube channel, The Emma-Jane Taylor Show, being launched in 2018. She is the Founder & Managing Director of:
• StageWorks Performing Arts School (www.stageworks.org.uk),
• NutritiousWorks Ltd (www.nutritiousworks.com)
• OceanWorks Retreats (www.oceanworksretreats.com).
• SHEnetWORKS UK, a networking group for women.

SHEnetWORKS is for women to share business ideas, gather personal strength and listen to women speak about their passions in life and business.

Emma-Jane loves networking and supporting women in business and in life. She is a regular blogger and regularly writes articles for social media as well as media connections and publications.

Emma-Jane’s personal story of struggle and hardship being covered in her book entitled ‘Don’t Hold Back’ available on Amazon, paperback or kindle, has given her the positive tools and focus she needed to fight back; to create a powerhouse of strength; compassion and dedication to living.

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Emma-Jane Taylor Interview Traci Cornelius

Emma-Jane is another truly inspirational female entrepreneur who empowers you to find your voice, stand in your truth, embrace your story and don’t allow anything to hold you back from the life and business you desire.  She shares her journey, the highs and lows.  Let’s us in on where she is now and all the endeavours she is involved in.

Women Rockin Business Emma-Jane Taylor Interview

  • I was the girl who was going nowhere, I can’t believe (myself) that I’ve done so much
  • I believe so much in what I’m doing, and it’s all been in stages with each stage bringing new and different opportunities.
  • Behind that smile was someone who was still finding things overwhelming and complicated.
  • I channelled and let go so that the pain hit me. I allowed myself to go back to work through the situation.
  • It’s about changing the balance of the life processes and I’ve been able to understand where my balance is.
  • It was the turning point because I realised I needed to start giving back.
  • I started to broaden my horizons and reaching out to another network of life. You are breathing in other people’s energy.
  • You are able to start to do things differently stepping into new worlds and seeing new opportunities.
  • I’m now moving into networking across the globe and I’ve done that because I’ve looked at who I am and what I want in my life.
  • I’ve surrounded myself with strong friends who are right for me and provide me with great strength.
  • I want to be with strong, powerful dynamic women who aren’t afraid, to be honest, and show emotion.
  • There are space and energy around us that draws us to others and shapes the journey we are on.
  • I want to open Pandora’s box, I wanted to share real stories about real people.
  • I want people to know I’m going to share a show based on honesty, trust and engagement
  • This platform is for helping people for giving back.
  • For people to share with others and in doing so offer support.
  • We need to be passionate strong and evolve as we move forward.


‘I never thought I would share my personal story’

‘I started to learn more about myself’

‘It’s important to address that these things happen to encourage others to have a voice’

‘I can’t go through my life feeling like this, I can’t sustain this it’s not who I really am’

‘It was a moment that made me step back and think this is not going to be my legacy’

‘You can step away with kindness and grow together’


Emma-Jane Taylor website

Don’t Hold Back book by Emma-Jane Taylor

Women Rockin Business Podcast Traci Cornelius



Traci Cornelius is a Speaker, Business Coach, Mindset Coach and Mum to 5 Girls.

Like many, Traci’s story is not really a succinct one. It is long with many twists and turns(which I liken to business and life itself!).  Many of the twists and turns have helped me to learn, to grow and to become a successful entrepreneur.

On a professional level, she runs many businesses.

On a personal level, she is a Mum to five wonderful, adorable, courageous, independent and challenging girls.

I discovered exactly where I had gone wrong in my previous businesses.  Everything I had been through, the good the bad and the ugly started to come together into the best discovery of all the “5 Power Principles”

I implemented them, first in my business and then in others and so they then became the “5 Power Principles” that other people wanted to know about!”

 –Traci Cornelius When it comes to starting and scaling your business, whilst juggling family responsibilities and taming your mind monkeys, Traci is your go-to-gal!


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