The Women Rockin Business Podcast Trailer is Live! And I am so excited to share it with you! This podcast has been a long time coming (over 17 months in fact) during that time it has had many idea revisions, more title changes than coffee consumed. More discussions on content than biscuits consumed, all in an effort to bring you the best content!

This Podcast lifts the lid on Business Topics, Tips, Hacks and Mindset. Bringing you amazing interviews all in the ‘Women Rockin Business’ Arena.

I am sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. Baring all, in an effort to propel your business forward and help you to succeed.

Women Rockin Business Podcast

Why the Women Rockin Business Podcast?

I’m passionate about helping Female Entrepreneurs to be successful in business. After struggling to find flexible employment when I became a Mum and had a partner that worked away all the time it sparked off the start to my entrepreneurial journey.

A journey that was riddled with costly mistakes, failures and yes, successes big and small.  I had to work so much out on my own and often felt isolated.  I longed for support and mentorship and sought this out.  But there was always the catch 22 situation before I became successful and that was… How do I get to be successful when I need to pay for the information and support and yet have very little money?

This is the reality for many of us as Female Entrepreneurs. We start off with limited resources and yet at the start of our journey and during the progression stages is the time where we need expertise outside of our arena the most.

The Final Push

I’m now a mum to 5 girls aged 21, 7, 6, 4, 3 and the plight of seeing so many women trying to support their families has increased dramatically.

Do you know that 70% of all new businesses started in the UK alone are now by women (imagine what it is worldwide!)? They often have the expertise, talent and know-how in their industry or niche but desperately need help in running their business to be truly successful and gain the financial and time freedom they so desperately crave.

That is why I have created the ‘Women Rockin Business’ Podcast and with your help and support, we can help transform these women’s lives!

Your Help and Support

Yes, you read right! With your help and support.  You see a podcast as with any information does not just magically reach the right people but with your help, we can ensure it does.

We need to get the podcast out to the masses, onto the top platforms and ranked high in the ‘podcast charts’.

I’m competing in the podcast arena with people that have large teams, big budgets and mass resources.  But this information needs to get out, this support is needed to help other women to feel they are not alone, to gain the resources, tools and know-how to make small tweaks in their business to help propel them forward.

To hear from other women that have gone from where they are to the success that they are aiming for.

How you can help

There are a few ways you can help.

  1. Spread the word, share the podcast, subscribe and download.  Downloading and subscribing is what helps to push the podcast up in notoriety.  Spreading the word and sharing the podcast is what can also help us to reach a wider audience and please encourage them to also subscribe and download.
  2. Support us through our patreon page.  It would be great if all these things we created were free and had no cost but the reality is vastly different.  It requires time (a lot of time), equipment, software, subscriptions to upload the podcast to the right places, travelling for interviews and so much more.  You becoming a patron helps us to cover these expenses and of course, you also get extra bonuses and exclusives too. www.patreon.com/TraciCornelius
  3. Like and Follow us on the Women Rockin Business Facebook Page we would love to see you there!

Here is where you can currently hear the Trailer:-

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