Get 40% Off your 12 Month Oracle Reading. Ends Midnight tonight! Your 12 Month Oracle Reading is designed to provide you with a snapshot into each month giving you an awareness of important issues, attitudes and influences.

12 Month Oracle Reading Offer

12 Month Oracle Reading

This can then help to provide you with clear direction and purpose so you are able to make positive choices and optimise your chances of successful outcomes in your life.

To gain the best value from your 12 month Oracle reading refer back to your guide throughout the year.  It is likely to serve as an invaluable tool and will often surprise you as to the guidance that appears ‘at the right time’.This is a practice that I also create for myself every year and it has never ceased to amaze me of the accuracy and gratitude that I have towards the guidance provided.

  • Month by Month layout
  • Visual of the Oracle Card
  • Personalised Intuitive Reading for each month

Here is an example of what one months information

12 Month Oracle Card Reading Offer

This is a short offer only available until midnight tonight where you will get 40% Discount.

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12 Month Oracle Reading Delivery

Your 12 Month Oracle Reading will be with you within 48 hours and sent via the email you provide at the time of booking.

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