Your intuition is working for you all the time, everyday.  The biggest misconception I hear from clients is that they do not believe they are intuitive, that it is for the select few.  Everyone is intuitive but maybe you are just missing the signs. Here I share with you 7 Everyday Things you never knew were your Intuition.

7 Everyday things you never knew were your intuition

Intuition can be so subtle. It is why people spend time developing it.  By developing, what is really meant is tuning in.  Recognising the signs, the feelings and the what I call ‘inspired thoughts’.

7 Everyday Things you never knew were your Intuition

Here are a list of 7 Everyday Things you never knew were your Intuition

#1 The Feeling you need to call a Friend

This happens so often to my clients and people I talk to and they do not realise it is their intuition.  The, I was thinking of you and thought I would phone. Or the sudden feeling you just need to call a friend and say Hi.  Sometimes you may even sense that something is not right and call and already start your conversation with Hey, is everything OK?

#2 The Feeling you Need to get something Fixed

You know what is sometimes called that ‘nagging feeling’ that you need to get the car in for a service.  Need to check the washing machine, tumble dryer, …. insert the blank.

Your Intuition often helps you to know when something needs to be seen to.  You have probably, like many people I have spoken to had those moments when something breaks down and you say “I knew I should have got that seen too’

#3 You Take a Different Route

You may take the same route to work, school, your friends, parents, the shops.  Then one day you just decide to take a different route, drive a different way.  Often called the scenic route.  Only to discover later that there was roadworks or an accident on your usual route.  This is your intuition once agin looking out for you.

#4 You find it difficult to make a decision

No, I am not talking about procrastination here!  I m talking about when you just seem to be going around in circles with your mind often going blank.  Once again your intuition is looking out for you and often is preceded with new information that you did not have to hand at the time.

#5 You receive ‘Inspired Thoughts’

These are my favourite intuitive interventions.  Inspired thoughts seemingly come from nowhere and either spur you into action.  Sometimes this is mistaken for  just spontaneity.  These inspired thoughts can also be against taking action.  It maybe a light bulb moment about starting a new business, the answer to a problem you have been mulling over.  Pnce again your intuition has your back!

#6 You feel drawn to a person or repelled by a person

Ever had the moment when you have thought you would get on really well with a person before you have even got to know them?  Or had the feeling that you do ot want to get to know a person.  This is such a common moment of Intuition that many describe as a vibe or gut feeling.  But yet again this is your intuition in full force.

#7 You change a habit

I have lost count how many times a client, friend, family member or even neighbour has seemingly changed a habit overnight.  “I don’t know what it is but suddenly I just don’t want to smoke any more’.  The strangest thing ‘I just wanted to take up running and I hated running before’.  I knew I just needed to change my diet.  All of these are great examples of your intuition kicking and helping you to stay health y and happy.

To discover more about Intuition, including how to get in-tune and tools for enhancing your Intuition, see all articles and videos in my Intuition Week Series

Intuition Week

Intuition Week

Love, Light and Blessings

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