One of the most popular requests I get is how to get more in-tune with your intuition or your instincts.  Many people are fascinated about their intuitive abilities and wonder how they can tap into it consciously as well as regularly.

So, I will be going through 7 Tips to get in-tune with your intuition.

7 Tips to Get in-tune with your intuition

If you have been following my Intuition Week then you will know that I have been sharing that Intuition is available to everyone. It is naturally available for us to tap into but there are definitely ways to be able to enhance your intuition an by enhance your intuition what is really meant is harnessing your understanding off it.  Helping you to recognise it and being in touch with it.

7 Tips to Get In-tune with Your Intuition

#1 Meditation

My number 1 tip of all time is always going to be meditation.  Meditation has numerous benefits but once you are able to quieten the mind and all that is around you, it means you are able to hear, feel and understand you better.  This is fundamental in being able to understand what your intuition ‘feels’ like for you.  How it presents itself.  The more you are aware of the subtleties the better you are able to harness it for your highest good.

#2 Awareness

Secondly is to increase and pay attention ie have more awareness of you as a person.  All of your senses, thoughts, feelings. Meditation gives you the foundation to be able to slow down, however, you then need awareness to be able to really decipher your intuition and start to develop your awareness of it on a deeper, more conscious level.

#3 Nature

As with meditation, time out in nature, going for a walk helps you to slow down and be connected all all around you as well as yourself.  I also often call this ‘Grounding’. I go out in nature to reconnect regularly and it always helps me to get back in-tune on a deeper level with myself and my intuition.  And as an added tip if you find that you have been in-tune with your intuition and harnessing it, then experience a lull or discord, going out in nature is one of the fastest, deepest ways to reconnect.

#4 Act on it

We receive intuitive messages and feelings all of the time. The more you act on those intuitive messages and thoughts the stronger and more identifiable they become.  So, act on any feeling you get, evaluate it afterward and help yourself to recognise the signs so they become stronger and more profound

#5 Release Judgement

This is a big one! Release any judgement or resistance for that will hinder your connection. Be in a state of openness and allowing.  Be in a state of observation as opposed to control.  When we try to control our experiences we are often closed off to the possibilities that we are yet unable to know.  As I mentioned in the Why Intuition is Your Internal Roadmap, we make decisions and opinions based on the past. On what we already know which can close us off from discovering new possibilities. For that to happen we need to be in a state of observation and open to new ideas, thoughts and feellings

#6 Allow

Allowing is a wonderful state to be in. But it requires practice for most people. It is the stage that follows on from releasing judgement. When we are in a state of allowing there is no resistance and with no resistance brings you complete access to your intuition.

#7 Self-development

As with meditation I personally believe that this is another fundamental area not just for getting in-tune with your Intuition but also for ensuring you are the best version of you possible.  However, self-development does also help you to get in-tune with your intuition as you are often receiving intuition that leads you onto self-development.  Self-development also helps you to align with your higher self.  Helps you to focus on taking personal responsibility for your life, direction, focus.  And by doing these you then also bring in steps 2 – 6 again and these just help you to continue to be more and more in-tune.


To discover more about Intuition, including how to get in-tune and tools for enhancing your Intuition, see all articles and videos in my Intuition Week Series

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Intuition Week

Love, Light and Blessings

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