You can enhance your intuition and it is a question I get asked often. There are many ways you can enhance your connection to your intuition. But the first step is to recognise the signs and feel more in-tune.  To get in-tune with your intuition check out my 7 Tips to get In-tune with your Intuition post.

7 tools to enhance your intuition

After you feel that you have mastered recognising the signs and how your intuition feels then we can move into the development stage.

The Development Stage

Developing your intuition is really more about getting confirmation and feeling confident about your intuition and that is why some of these tools are so useful.

7 Tools to Enhance Your Intuition

#1 Journaling

This is such a powerful tool. Journalling about your experiences really helps you to evaluate your intuitive thoughts, feelings and patterns.  The evidence of your intuition is rarely in the moment. There is usually time between the intuition and the actual event or experience. This is why journalling can be so powerful.  For you get to reflect, revisit and then get the evidence, proof if you like that your intuition was correct or that even though you may have interpreted it differently, your intuition was trying to relay a message to you.

#2 Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are such a great tool for being able to test your intuition. Often times they help to confirm your original interpretation.  A number of my clients will use oracle cards to pull a card of the day.  They record their feelings and then revisit the information at the end of the day.  To-date this has been one of the best learning tools in terms of interpretation, connection and confidence.

#3 Yes, No, Maybe

This involves you creating 3 same sized cards or pieces of paper. On the back of each write Yes, No or Maybe.  This tool is only really useful when trying to enhance your intuition for distinct questions. But it can be a lot of fun and great to really enhance the connection with where you feel answers within your body.  For example, for me a yes or positive is a warm feeling around my heart chakra. A no or negative is around my root chakra. A maybe or unsure will be around the Solar plexus area.

#4 Crystals

If you have been following me for awhile or worked with me then you will not be surprised at all to see Crystals on the list!  Crystals really help to enhance your energy.  Certain Crystals also really help to accentuate the energies inside and around you.  For example if you are needing to accentuate being grounded so you feel anchored in your feelings to be able to feel your intuition then hematite maybe a great choice.  To raise your energy for intuition I will often use sodalite.  I have an array fo crystals that I use and I would highly recommend trying various crystals to see which you feel are suited to you.

#5 Pendulum

Similar to the Yes, No and Maybe mentioned in #3 this is best used for decisions that you wish to get confirmation on. Always use your intuition first and then test it using this method. You can either use a crystal pendulum or you can use yourself as the pendulum as I teach when demonstrating kinesiology.  To use yourself as a pendulum:

  • Stand straight with your arms down by your side
  • Close your eyes and centre yourself with a few deep breaths
  • Ask the question
  • If you sway slightly (and it is subtle) forwards that usually means a yes or positive. (However, test this via a base test first. ie ask a question such as is my name…)
  • If you sway slightly backwards that usually means a no or negative. Again do the base test as mentioned above first
  • Of you stay still then it is a maybe

If you have a neck or back injury this may give you inconclusive results. If you have any balance issues then please do not try this method.  Being dehydrated can also effect the results so this Tool requires practice and patience.

#6 I Ching

The I Ching can be used as a decision-making tool, similar to the pendulum I mentioned in #5. It is said that when used regularly, it will improve your mental clarity and stimulate your sense of intuition significantly.

In the 7 tips to get in-tune with your intuition I mentioned that meditation is my #1 Tip.  The I Ching encourages you to approach your issues in a completely relaxed manner similar to meditation. The I Ching allows your subconscious to interpret things in your own way and produce a pattern.

It is the process of being aware of the pattern and the way your subconscious responds to various queries and problems, that can then improve your sense of intuition exponentially.

#7 Aromatherapy

It has long been understood that smell can enhance our state of being, concentration and sense of calm. That is why it has made it into my 7 tools for enhancing your intuition.  This again will require some experimentation on your part as to which aromatherapy oils help you to feel; heightened senses of connection, concentration and relaxation. I also find aromatherapy oils really helpful during meditation which also helps to heighten intuition.  You will often find that tools, techniques and tips overlap. Adapting an overall practice is what will really help you to take leaps forward.

To discover more about Intuition, including how to get in-tune and tools for enhancing your Intuition, see all articles and videos in my Intuition Week Series

Intuition Week

Intuition Week

Love, Light and Blessings

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