An Angel Card Reading is a wonderful way of being able to receive insight and guidance. It can be achieved in a few different ways but mainly by either connecting intuitively or by the use of tools such as Angel Cards.

Angel Card Reading

There are two main Decks I use when giving an Angel card readings. They are ‘The Angel Oracle by Ambika Wauters’. This is such a beautiful, quite traditionally depicted deck. It has a wonderful energy.  It is a deck I have been using since my late teens and was pinnacle in my Spiritual Connection and my Spiritual journey. I may also use the Angel Tarot this is a really easy deck to work with. It is brilliant for being able to tune into a persons energy quickly.  I was so in tune with this deck so early on that it was often just a connection tool and thereafter purely read intuitively.  I may also just get direct messages with the use of any tools.

I do also have a few other Angel decks that I use more for personal use than during readings. (Although you may often find me sharing an odd card or message here and there with these cards on social media.)

Angel Reading

Why have an Angel Reading

Many of my clients report a real comfort from an Angel reading. They say they often feel closer to their angels too. More than just a tarot reading an Angel reading really embraces raising your vibration to invite in the angels. Many guardian angels can be revealed. (Look out for a future blog post where I will be sharing how you can meet your guardian angel.)

I genuinely love the energy and presence of the Angels. They can also help to add depth to a reading just by who is in attendance.  You can discover more about the main Archangels that tend to come through in readings. Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel are just a few examples.

The pictures from the cards themselves can bring a lot of comfort and connection as well.  I have an example here Of Archangel Michael from my Angel Oracle Deck

Archangel Michael, Angel Oracle Deck

Angels, Angel Card Reading Archangel Michael Traci Cornelius

As you can see the pictures are stunning. They have a gentle feel and energy about them whilst still being strong and powerful.  It may seem strange to talk about cards in this way. But all the decks and indeed individual cards have a different energetic feel about them. I also find they create a different connection, some may feel subtle and gentle others feel loud.  Each has their own appeal but I have not many many that shy away from these decks.

Personally I also believe that the appeal towards an Angel reading is that it is also positive.  That does not mean to say they may not be challenges ahead. But the messages are given in a loving and helpful way.  Providing you with insight and clarity.

If I am using cards in a reading I either use oracle or Angels cards.  I have a better and quicker connection with them. As mentioned earlier I may even only touch the pack and I am off with the reading.

Have you had an Angel Reading?  If so let me know about your experience in the comments.

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Love, Light and Blessings

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