Archangel Raphael is the Angel known for healing. Helping us to heal both Mind and Spirit. Also the healer of animals.  We often call in Archangel Raphael when asking for distant healing.  Many healers also work with Archangel Raphael when conducting their healing work and describe feeling his presence in various ways.  Archangel Raphael’s name means ‘God Heals’ To clarify God is not being depicted here as belonging to a particular religion. God for the purposes of this blog post is Universal Consciousness, Universal Energy or the Energy of all and in turn the Energy of Love. So, God Heals is, Love Heals.You can read a lot more about the history of where Archangel Raphael appears in scriptures and texts. I will be covering the basics and what support and guidance is associated with Archangel Raphael.

Pink and green colours are often associated with Archangel Raphael. Interestingly pink is often an association of the heart and green is also the colour of the heart chakra.

Archangel Raphael

In an Angel reading or Angel Card reading we may call upon Archangel Raphael to help send healing to a client. We would ask the client to do the same for themselves as well. Archangels and Angels can only act when asked. They will never infringe upon free will.  Archangels and Angels are the same.

To Call in Archangel Raphael for Healing

Archangel Raphael Traci Cornelius

To begin, ensure you feel as though you are in a safe place.  I often do this while sitting as it feels safer and more comfortable.

  • Take a deep breath in for the count of 4; hold for 2 and release for 4. Repeat another two times
  • Allow your body to relax
  • Breathe in a rhythmic comfortable way that is natural to you
  • Either out loud or in your mind Ask Archangel Raphael to come closer…

Archangel Raphael Traci Cornelius

  • Archangel Raphael please step closer to me now, so I may Hear, See, Feel and Know your presence
  • Thank you for helping to heal my body of all ailments so that it may run to it’s optimum
  • Thank you for helping to heal my mind so it is always working with me to my highest good and intention
  • Thank you for helping me to heal my emotions so that I may always be able to love to my greatest capacity
  • Thank you Archangel Raphael, I release you with Love and Light and once again thank you for your Love, Light and healing.

Then as we started, so we finish

  • Take a deep breathe in for the count of 4; hold for 2 and breathe out again for the count of 4. Repeat twice more.

Even more so with the Archangel Raphael exercise drinking water afterwards is a great help.  I believe it is washing out all the toxins from the body.  An epsom salt bath afterward can also be very beneficial.

I would love to hear how you get on with this exercise. Share any feelings or emotions you experienced by leaving a comment.

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x

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