Changes are happening at TJC Enterprises all thanks to you. Thank you for all the feedback you provide through testimonials, emails, social media messages or answering direct questions.  They all make a difference and also help me to serve you better!Changes as of 1st November Traci Cornelius

Changes as of 1st November

Here are the changes that will be taking place from the 1st of November 2017.  There will be a price increase for readings (all pre-booked and paid for readings prior to todays date are still honoured at the current price).

More reading options will be available. Many of you expressed a desire for longer readings. As of the November 1st you will be able to book 45 min readings and 1 hour readings. This is not replacing any option currently available it is addition.

Many of you also expressed that you would like more face to face reading availability and so once per month there will be a day dedicated to face-to-face readings – these will be extremely limited so prior booking is advisable.

I am extremely excited to also be offering a video call reading which will also be recorded with the recording sent to you. I understand that sometimes there is a lot to take in and this will help you to be able to relax during the reading and refer back to the recording as many times as you would like.

More Reading Options

To summarise more reading options from the 1st November include:-

  • 45 minute Reading
  • 1 Hour Readng
  • One Day dedicated to Face to Face Readings per month
  • Video Call Reading with Recording sent to you afterwards.

I have many more exciting announcements to follow regarding other feedback received so please do look out for future posts and also keep an eye out on my facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram.

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x

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