Doreen Virtue’s new direction has caused uproar through a community of what many thought was a safe place.  By safe, I mean they thought they ‘knew’ where they were heading, who they were following, admiring and the direction of information that would follow.Doreen Virtue Causes Uproar

Doreen recently shared in an interview with Maui Source TV that she has changed direction on many of the teachings that she has shared in the past and embraced a new path.  This has upset many followers and maybe you are one of them.  I am not here to say that there is a right or a wrong but instead to help to show another perspective.

Experience and Knowledge

Information gets shared with experiences and knowledge.  Experience and knowledge change over time, that is and always will be inevitable. As people, we change even in small ways, with every experience we have, by every person we meet, by things we hear, see or feel. However, this does not necessarily discredit the information that went before it.

For example Doreen has announced that she is no longer associating with the Angel Tarot Deck that she co-created with Radleigh Valentine (as well as some others).  Does that mean that all of a sudden Angels do not exist? Or that the Angel Tarot suddenly stops representing the guidance that it has given to those who use it? No, all it means is that it no longer represents the same meaning for her personally.  I believe we should always embrace others opinions and directions.  Embracing however, is not the same as following.  That decision is purely yours and yours alone.  If her new direction speaks to you and is one that you are in agreement with then that is fantastic.  If it is not then that is also fantastic, as we should all always embrace our true self and be authentic to ourselves.

Authentically True

Doreen, is being authentically true to who she is today and yes that may cause some pain and even a grieving process over the person that you thought you could identify with yesterday. However, it does not make anyone wrong, it does not as I mentioned before discredit the information that preceded it as it is whether that information is true to you.  There is very little that is fact in the Spiritual world, there is only what feels true and authentic to you at the time.  As we make new discoveries and experience new things, perception may change.

Sometimes the change may be a small shift, or even a progression and if so many can accept that, understand it and all remains well.  But, if that shift comes in the form of something big, it is harder for many to understand and that is because we all like to feel as though we have an understanding of a person we have followed even if we have never actually met them.  We also like to feel as though they understand us as the information they are sharing resonates with us and that brings with it security and familiarity, these can often be described as a basic human need.

“We Helped to Make Her What She is”

I have seen many comments saying ‘we helped to make her what she is’ and whilst your perception may or may not be true it is true to say that you would not feel connected to a person that was not being true to themselves.

So, I urge you to honour your grieving process if you need too, look deep within and ask yourself what you believe and identify with, and then embrace that direction, community, product or book and honour that someone is willing to also stand up for their true-self even if it goes against what they once thought and believed.

Traci x



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