Are you Dreaming Big Enough?

Do you Dream Big? Are you Dreaming Big Enough? Dreaming big allows us to imagine a life and life experiences beyond our current reality.  Dreaming Big helps us to go beyond our comfort zones, propelling us forward.  But is your Big Dream, Big Enough?

Are you Dreaming Big enough

The number 1 factor that I have seen get in the way for my coaching clients, is their inability to use their creativity. They have often lost the ability to dream and dream big because realism has got in the way.

Many have pushed themselves and achieved goals, exceeded targets and yet they still have a ceiling with those experiences. Another issue that arises for some is the perception as to the length of time that it ‘should’ take to reach true success.

Allowing ourselves to dream as if there are no limitations is one of the most powerful strategies to releasing your boundaries and stepping into a new you, a new life, into the life you truly desire. It is the first step for moving away from the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can’t, You are Right

One of the worst effects we have growing up is the limitations that are set upon us by parents, schooling, employees, social pressure for example.

You may have read many times that when a person is nurtured and told they can achieve anything, that they are intelligent, strong, individuals the chance of them being that, is much greater than those who are told the opposite. The famous words from Henry Ford

Whether you think you can or think you can't Dreaming Big

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right

are a perfect example of this.

Looking at it in a different way, the lack of dreaming big means you are confining your life to what you know. And what you know, can only come from previous experience and input.

Add that with a heavy dose of logic and you are left confined into a box of expectation. Whether you have been aware of that or not. Expectation of what you are able to create, what you are able to achieve and how.

Dreaming Big

Like the above picture you get stuck in a ‘virtual reality’ but there is a whole world outside that you have yet to be opened too. You would need to remove the blinkers or in this case limitations, to be able to be to see the outside.

Can you remember being a child and using your imagination? Where you were the Prince, Knight, Princess, Adventurer etc… You could feel the world your imagination put you in, you could immerse yourself in it. But what if we could immerse ourselves in that once again? When we were young we did not ask ourselves how we could be the Prince, Knight, Princess, Adventurer etc… we just became them.

Ultimate Unlimited Vision

When we create the Ultimate Unlimited Vision we use the same principle, so we do not worry ourselves with the how. Our understanding can never take us outside of what we already know and as we want to be able to have an Unlimited Ultimate Vision we must allow for the unknown to become a possibility.

Right now, this may sound like pseudoscience but there is plenty of scientific evidence to back up visualisation in many forms for successfully helping us to gain our goals.

However, before ascertaining our goals, I encourage my clients to see beyond their current limitations. I help to open that creativity channel to access the true desires not just the ones we believe are possible. It is these techniques that then help to identify true goals. Sometimes, it is rediscovering a goal, thought, wish however you would like to term it that you had long ago and then for realistic purposes laid to rest.

Balance Between the Possible and the Realistic

As a Transformation Coach I work with my clients to find their Unlimited Ultimate Vision as well as working on what is holding them back. I help them to create a balance between the possible and the realistic. Can you imagine for a moment what life would be like right now if we all just stuck to the realistic?

It is very unlikely you would be reading this on your computer, iphone, smartphone, ipad or tablet for example. So many amazing inventions, break throughs, life enhancements have come from those who lived most of their life in the realm of possibility.

Now, can you imagine what you could be experiencing if we lifted your limitations?

  • Who you be?
  • Where you be living?
  • How would the relationships with those around you feel?
  • How much you would be earning and what experiences that would provide for you?

It all starts by dreaming big!

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x

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