It is with such a heavy, yet extremely grateful heart that I write this blog post honouring Louise Hay. In fact, I have sat here for quite awhile tears streaming down my face wondering how I could even do justice in honouring this incredible beautiful lady.Louise Hay

I first came across Louise Hay through her book, as many did ‘‘ and later more acquainted through her of which I too have used in my EFT Advanced Practitioner Practice and even now as a Spiritual Life Coach.  Another favourite book of mine was co written by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson, ‘.’ Apart from the amazing wisdom Louise has passed down to generations she was also an amazing, gentle lady who practiced being in the moment more than anyone I know. She had an elegance about her of which she would tell you herself was something she learnt but I still feel was part of her all along.

Hay House have written a wonderful article honouring the life of Louise Hay and also letting you know where donations will be allocated.

The Huffington Post also has a ‘Remembering Louise Hay, One Positive Thought at a Time’ post which mentions about her work in one of which I still use every day and also came from Louise herself. “I bless and prosper everyone in my world and everyone in my world blesses and prospers me” and one of my other favourites from Louise is simply “Life Loves me”.

I Bless and Prosper everyone in my life Louise Hay

Louise Hay like many had endured much hardship and through her transformation or maybe I should say transformations became one of the most pioneering people to have graced the Self-development market. She brought new wisdom, guidance, love and empathy. All with a touch of no nonsense you can do it attitude.

She has inspired so many people from the general public to Authors, Spiritual Experts, Health Professionals, Public Speakers, the list could just go on and on.

I know I will miss her terribly and yet I shall always be thankful for all that she has taught me and so many others. I will always be grateful that she shared her wisdom during a time that was not as open to this subject matter. I will always be grateful for her helping me to become who I am today. Helping me to want to serve selflessly and give to others with love and patience.

The expression that Heaven has gained an Angel is perfectly apt as Louise Hay is one of the most significant Earth Angels of my life time.

Rest in Peace Louise. You will be missed by so many and yet your legacy shall always live on.

Love, Light and Blessings Always

Traci x

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