Most of us are always looking for ways to live a healthier, happier more loving and successful life. However, what if you discovered that you already had the internal system for all of the above.  You discovered that by getting in-tune with your intuition you could be healthier, attract the love of your life.  Even be wildly successful and have eternal lasting happiness.

how intuition makes you healthier

Your intuition is your internal guidance system that can guide you to reach your highest purpose and be your highest self.  During this week I have shared with you:-

  • Why Intuition is not as Woo Woo as you think
  • You are Intuitive ~ Here’s Why
  • 7 Everyday things that you never knew were your intuition
  • Why Intuition is your Internal Roadmap
  • 7 Tips to get in-tune with your Intuition
  • 7 Tools for Enhancing your Intuition

All of these topics have been helping to align you with using your intuition to make you Healthier, Attract the Love of your Life, be Wildly Successful and give your Eternal Lasting Happiness.  It is what we each crave and deserve.

Using your internal guidance system, your internal roadmap can help you to achieve that.  It is the start.  Gaining the awareness of when you are being guided and acting on it.  Knowing that when you are making conscious decisions that your intuition will also be helping to guide you along that path. Helping you to reach the highest levels of yourself.

Intuition does not work alone

Intuition alone however, is not the answer. It works in tandem. With action, with planning, with defining goals.  Have you noticed though that you may have had a hunch, a gut instinct before you set them?  That again was your intuition leading the way.  Maybe, you have been looking a lot more into personal development.  That video you were guided too, the social media post you ‘happened’ to come across.  Again all part of your intuition. But, you need to act on that intuition to be at your optimum you.

Ignoring your Intuition

I have mentioned a few times throughout this week that some of the most challenging experiences I have had have been as a result of ignoring my intuition or instincts if you prefer that terminology.

That has been true for my health something I have been rectifying recently.  My business, my family life. Even down to my own growth, mindset and knowledge.


As human beings we often think we need to feel the motivation before we make a change.  We need to be motivated to do so.  However, we may receive the intuition and then because we do not ‘feel like’ making the change.  Because we are unmotivated we ignore it and continue the way we were before.

As a Transformation Coach and as an Intuitive I will be the first to tell you that motivation, that ‘feeling like it’ the grit, determination.  That rarely comes at the start.  It happens once you are already beginning to achieve what you have set out to do.

The beginning is having an unwavering faith in your intuition (or instinct) and taking action to start and keep going. That my friends is how you start to use your intuition to live a healthier, attract the love of your life, be wildly successful and have eternal lasting happiness.

Putting Knowledge into action

I use the analogy of reading a book.  You could read a book on how to have the perfect relationship, long lasting love.  Or how to be successful in business. Maybe even high performing habits. You may even read the book fro cover to cover and gained more knowledge but if you do not implement that knowledge then you will be no better off than before.

You need to act on that knowledge.

Action is where it’s at

Your intuition is what is guiding you to those books, experiences, areas of growth.  But once again if you are not acting on your new found knowledge then you are unable to move on from where you are now.  And remember your intuitions sole purpose is to guide you to be the best version of you.  To live a healthy, happy successful and loving life.

It is why you may stumble across that course at just the right time.  Or that friend that imparts the right advice.  That book that helps to increase your skill set.

I have lost count at the amount of times I have re-come across information and thought wow if only I had of followed through with that at the time…


To discover more about Intuition, including how to get in-tune and tools for enhancing your Intuition, see all articles and videos in my Intuition Week Series

Intuition Week

Intuition Week

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x

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