If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives… How long have you already been waiting?

If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives

If you’re waiting to start your business, start it now…
If you’re waiting to scale your business, scale it now…
If you’re waiting to be the best version of you, start to be that now…

I will wait until…

How long have you already been keeping your dreams on hold by saying I will wait until…

“Next year, I will be in a better position” is a phrase I hear far too often. Then next year rolls around and other things pop up and you find yourself saying ‘well, next year I will be in a better position”.

I find that so many of us are subconsciously waiting for the OK… Permission, Confirmation that now is a good time. That we can do it.  That we have the capability.  For some of my clients, they had been waiting for confirmation that they were good enough.

But the OK, permission even confirmation isn’t going to make the challenge any less challenging or scary…

It is not the absence of fear or the absence of challenges, scary moments that make the leap the best time. In fact in some ways the greater the challenge, fear and scariness can sometimes be better as you take massive action.  You know you are so far out of your comfort zone that you get out of your own way. A bit like if you go sky-diving, that initial jump out of the plane can be so incredibly scary but once you have jumped you cannot suddenly turn around and say ‘it’s ok, I was just joking can we get back on that plane now please’.  No, you have to fall and as you are falling you may as well enjoy it, look around and realise that the fall is actually beautiful, calming, stunning and strangely freeing.

From the challenges, from the scary moments, come our biggest growth

From the challenges, from the scary moments, come our biggest growth, our biggest breakthroughs, our most OMGOSH moments.

We discover things we never thought were possible…

We begin to LIVE the life we had only been dreaming about previously…

As we end 2018 make the decision now to make 2019 the year you are constantly saying WOW, I never thought I could… I never thought I would… But I have, I am and I am going to even more.

Make the decision now that 2019 will be an excuse-free year.

To your success, happiness and to your best year and best you ~ Happy 2019

Traci x

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