I am so excited to be bringing you Intuition Week.  A whole week dedicated to Intuition.  A new Intuitive subject will be covered everyday for the 7 days.  With Blog posts, videos, free downloads and special gifts.  I hope you will join me.

Intuition Week

You will be able to access everything on my facebook page and if you would like to see the pre-event information then do check out the event and click join.

Intuition Week

Every day starting on Monday 21st May a video will be available on facebook from 10am with a corresponding blog post available from 10.45am.

The agenda for the week is as follows:-

• Why Intuition is not as Woo Woo as you think
• You are Intuitive ~ Here’s Why
• 7 Everyday things that you never knew were your intuition
• Why Intuition is your Internal Roadmap
• 7 Tips to get in-tune with your Intuition
• 7 Tools for Enhancing your Intuition
• How Intuition makes you Healthier, Attract the Love of your Life, be Wildly Successful and gives your Eternal Lasting Happiness

Can you tell me more

Of all the topics I get asked about Intuition is in the top three. Along with Mindset and Money.  I am always asked if I can share more.  Especially on enhancing intuition and I will be covering it all through out this Intuition Week.

Have any questions about intuition?  Then do leave a comment and I will also address it for you during the week maybe in a Q&A session.

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x

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