I am so excited to announce that Live Lounge Sessions for OK! Magazine with me Traci C #1454 is launching on Monday 12th February at 1.30pm I will be doing Live Love Lounge Sessions for OK! Magazine on their Facebook page.


You can expect lots of tips and topics on Love and Relationships.  Relationships in all categories as the relationships we have in life either lift us and help us to soar onwards and upwards. Or they can keep us down and feel as though we are stuck.

As an Intuitive Psychic and Coach I deal with the topic of Love and Relationships probably about 90% of the time.  Romantic Relationships, Family Relationships, Work Relationships, Friend-ships.

Live Love Lounge Sessions for OK! Magazine with me Traci C #1454

I hope you will pop on over and join me.  Remember to say Hi so I can give you a shout out too as I like to make the experience a personal as possible.  Think of me sitting with you, cup of tea in hand having a chat.  Do also like and follow their page so you can future updates as we are hoping that there will be many more things to shout about during those sessions.

Monday 12th February 1.30pm facebook.com/okmagazineuk

You will also get an opportunity to express what you would like to see or hear covered in future sessions.  Maybe for you it is getting over your ex, or how to re-ignite the passion in your relationship.  Maybe it is how to keep the peace at work, or letting someone down gently.

What ever is the hot topic for you, we want to know.

OK magazine Traci C #1454 Traci Cornelius

If you have never watched me in a live sessions before then I am so excited that this may be your first time!  If you want to go ahead and already pre-book a reading with me you can do so by visiting www.ok.co.uk/horoscopes and search for Traci C #1454 or you can call through to customer services on 0800 067 8980 – Looking forward to seeing you there!

Share the experience by sharing the event with a friend.  One of my favourite parts of the lives I have previously done is watching people share the experience with friends and family.  It generally is the closest we can get to all hanging out together. It enriches the experience for you and for them.

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x

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