This week the Oracle reading 4 -10 December is usung the Enchanted Map Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Oracle Reading 4 – 10 December

Oracle Reading 4 -10 December

4 Spirit of Place Reversed

Oracle Reading 4 -10 December 4 Spirit of Place Reversed The Enchanted Map

This card is coming to you this week to say do not get tangled up in all the details or desires that obstruct you from the truth.  Step back so you can see things for how they really are.  Trust your intuition for the Spirit of Place is whispering the truth to you.

As this card states – “Be honest with yourself and remain willing to let your situation be revealed for what it truly is and not what you want it to be.  An apple can never be an orange as a dog can never be a bird. Are you trying to change someone or something to suit your agenda? Only when you see things for how they truly are will you find the real treasure.

18 Magic Stream

Oracle Reading 4 -10 December 18 Magic Stream The Enchanted Map

“Everything is connected through the Universal flow of consciousness.”

Every experience we have has a beginning, a middle and an end however, the danger is seeing events as separate from one another when they are all connected, they are all part of a continuity and a greater evolution.

As this card states – “Like an ever flowing magic stream, your experiences filter through the whole world, one leading into another, informing and influencing still more. Inspiration, invention and revelations rarely come to just one person. The collective awareness is a a shared storehouse of potential. When you remember you’re part of the fluid continuity of life, you become a channel for great inspiration.”

39 Protecting Treasure

Oracle Reading 4 - 10 39 Protecting Treasure The Enchanted Map

“You are always protected and Divinely directed.”

Even if you feel like you are in a time of risk know that you are able to move forward safely and securely.

As this card states – “The proverbial nest egg is safe and sound no matter the fluctuations in the world. Guardian Angels and other guides are whispering to you, making you aware of their protective presence. Your loyalty is an important theme now. Nurture that which you hold dear. This is a good time to strengthen bonds of friendship and ensure integrity. If you feel tested right now, know that a true and loyal heart always achieves its aim. Take refuge under an angel’s wing. You are not alone and have no need for fear. Embrace your courage.”


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