This September Oracle Reading 2017 really does coincide with my thoughts on September.  It is a month where regeneration, rebirth and renewal are rife.  It is the month where I conduct more readings on career, life purpose and life direction than any other month. I believe that part of this is because it is the end of Summer.

In the summer months, we often let go and enjoy ourselves that little bit more. Typically, it is a time where we worry less about our future and enjoy the moment(s), in the moment. Especially if the weather is sunny and warm and especially here in the UK.  Probably, because it is rare and we know we have to make the most of it!

September Oracle Reading

September Oracle Reading

September brings about a time where if you are a parent may have more time freedom. With your children starting school or moving onto a higher level of independence.  It may mean, that you are thinking of returning to work or wanting to find a financial solution that will also ensure you have time to be with your children.

Progression in Career or Romance

For those that are not concerned with these issues it is often a time for looking at the future and the likelihood of progression in career or even romance. A time when summer employment is coming to an end and job hunting starts again in earnest.

And whilst at the beginning of summer there is a flurry of activity and attention on health, I often find that September is a time when many start gym memberships or look at getting trimmer.  One reason for this maybe because whilst we have more experiences in summer, there is often a “I’m going to make the most of my holiday/the sun/fill in the blank“.  After summer some people already start to look towards the Christmas celebrations and whist the summer brings about many experiences I often find that for my clients the festive celebrations bring about more experiences with others.  That may be with your family, your partners family, friends and colleagues.  When we start to think about spending time with others our internal guard along with expectations of how we believe we should look and how we should be, take precedence. Or even more common, other peoples opinions of how they think we should look and how we should be take precedence.

I will always advocate self love and appreciation but also completely understand the pressures that some people feel. This is why the regeneration, rebirth and renewal tends to be so prevalent and I am on hand to help.

I am drawing 4 cards to help with guidance during the month of September and for this month they have been drawn from the by Colette Baron-Reid

31 Why?September Oracle Reading Why Wisdom of the Oracle Colette Baron-Reid

I am not surprised this is the first card and why (pun intended!) it has showed up.  It is so important to get clear about the motives of Why you want to do something or change something. Are the reasons behind your thoughts your own? Are they authentically true to who you are and where you want to be?  These are the questions to ask yourself and also be completely honest with yourself in answering them.  You may already be asking why and if so really look into the motives of your questioning, is it for clarity or avoidance? Whatever the reasoning is for you, getting clear about your motives and the why is the best way of ensuring you can move forward. As this card states ‘why, is the life-force energy within the seed, which brings it to life and holds the potential for growth‘.

18 SerendipitySeptember Oracle Reading Serendipity Wisdom of the Oracle Colette Baron-Reid

Serendipity is a great card to follow on from Why? in our September Oracle Reading. Because once you get clear of your why it is showing you that luck really is on your side and to look out for serendipitous circumstances, coincidences showing you and confirming to you that you are on the path of true fulfilment.  It is confirming to you that you are in alignment. It is a time to expect the unexpected and know that you are a channel and supported in your endeavour. This is also a card that can represent perfect timing.

37 Never-Ending Story September Oracle Reading Never-Ending Story Wisdom of the Oracle Colette Baron-Reid

The Never-Ending Story card is bringing forth to you recognition of past patterns and behaviours that you could so easily fall back into.  No-one said change would be easy but as you have already been shown it is helping you to the path of true alignment. This card often comes through when that nagging voice of doubt, self criticism or even loathing rears its ugly head.  Do not allow it to stop you or slow you down, it is not true. As the card states ‘The voice you hear is just a small, scared, conditioned part of you and needs to be seen as a victim. Love that lost piece of you. Fear is all it knows. Distorted guidance is preventing you from being true to yourself. You are not your story and the narrator is simply the voice of your fearful part, small and vulnerable and easily soothed.’

So, soothe that part of you and move forward victorious.

36 Come to the EdgeSeptember Oracle Reading Come to the edge Wisdom of the Oracle Colette Baron-Reid

Although this card precedes Never-Ending Story in the pack it is in perfect sequence for this September Oracle Reading as Come to the Edge is all about taking risks and after soothing that voice within that is precisely the next step to take. Feel the fear and do it anyway as has been quoted many times in various circles. Even though you are stepping into the unknown and the end result is not yet clear your only choice is facing it if you really want to progress. Spirit is with you so let go of the fear. As the card states ‘Come to the edge and discover that you can fly. You must step into the unfamiliar so that you may find your miracles‘.

I would love to know how much this resonates for you over the course of this month so do comment and let me know.

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x

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