What would it mean to you if you could Stop Fear and Anger in an Instant with just 1 Tool?

Our brains are hardwired to survive.  This is very different from Thriving! A common denominator I have experienced with my clients is the instant Fear or Anger response.  This could be in reaction to any situation.  A discussion with a loved one that then turns into a heated argument.  Or a discussion that turns into a retreat response for example.

In my previous Mindset Monday Session I talked about quietening your inner critic. In this session I am going to help you to turn down the dial and help to stop Fear and Anger response, especially when it is in reaction to feeling inferior, insecure, for example.

This in turn also quietens the response we often have afterward when our Inner Critic goes into hyper-drive. Letting us know all the things we ‘could have said’. Letting us know all the reasons as to why we are in that situation. How we messed up or failed.

Stop Fear and Anger

Stop Fear and Anger in an Instant with Just 1 Tool

I will be sharing an extremely effective tool in being able to shift from the perception of fear and anger to love and peace. Giving you the experience of being able to respond in an informed and thoughtful way instead of a reactive state. This can also be very empowering. The more you practice this the better you become and the more it becomes second nature.


You may ask why?  Have you ever been in a situation where you have reacted, but once calm realised there was no need for such a reaction in the first place?  Or been in the situation where you went fro calm to angry in a nano second and once clam thought of a million and one ways to have put what you said better?  Or maybe you have been in a situation where you have not taken action of the fear of making a fool of yourself or getting embarrassed to only wish afterward that you had done it?

Well, you would be in good company.


You can shift from Fear and/or Anger in an easy and manageable that literally takes an instance.  So, how?  The answer is Gratitude.  It is impossible to have a negative and positive thought at the same time.  In the same way it is impossible to be sad and happy at the same time.  Likewise you cannot experiences Fear or Anger if you are in a state of gratitude.

To turn the switch on those emotions and reactions ask yourself what am I grateful for in this moment.  For those of you who say ‘nothing’ how can I be grateful when he/she has done… when my boss, when my Mum/Dad/ Brother/Sister … fill in the blank then I invite you to look deeper. Just for a moment what if you no longer took all the miracle parts of life for granted.  what if you felt what it was like to not be able to breath without a machine. Or see, feel, hear, taste again fill in the blank. We can all find things to be grateful for.

We can even show gratitude for the person we may be having an altercation with.  Again ask yourself what I am grateful in this person.

When you are grateful there is no fear, when you are grateful there is no fear.

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Gratitude Journal Download

Included in your Gratitude Journal is an Article by the world’s leading Scientific expert Robert Emmons

Please leave me a comment to let me know if you have used the download and also if you have last weeks Mindset Monday’s download, where I shared 2 Powerful Tips to Quieten your Inner Critic

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x


Have you found yourself hearing that Inner Critical voice putting you down, telling you can’t do this and that? That you are too stupid, not important enough, that you don’t deserve; love, that job you wanted, the house you saw?

Maybe you are aware of these and have been trying to find a way to release them yourself but just as you go for that interview, go on that date, apply for that mortgage all those feelings, fears and yes that Inner Critical voice comes flooding back.

Perhaps like many of my clients your Inner Critic has become so loud and so frequent that you cannot remember a time without it. You just know that you have not been able to manifest the relationship you want, the career you thought you were so destined for, or even the life you thought you would be living. Maybe you have drowned out your dreams so much that you no longer even know what you want.

Do you:

  • Find yourself saying yes when you want to say no
  • Experience or have experienced one bad relationship after another
  • Say to yourself or others that you will never find love
  • Keep getting passed over for promotion or career opportunities
  • Put yourself down more times than lift yourself up
  • Feel that people take advantage of you
  • Have that feeling that you have lost your own identity
  • Often feel as though you are not good enough
  • Keep second guessing yourself

If you have answered yes to one or more of the above then tI have a solution for you.

In just 6 weeks you could “Fire Your Inner Critique and Hire Your Inner Coach” and be a more Confident, Empowered, Stronger You.

The self you were always destined to be.

The challenge is our brain is hard wired to negativity. This in the past has served to protect us, to help us to stay alive. However, many of the threats in today’s world are not the same. They are not life threatening although they do threaten our quality of life!

6 Weeks to Fire your Inner Critic and Hire your Inner Coach

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