I was so excited (and nervous) to have brought you my first The Circle Psychics live facebook event on Self Image and how we feel about ourselves after summer on Thursday 7th September at 8pm.

September not only welcomes in Autumn but it is also usually my busiest month for readings and coaching sessions focused on career, life purpose and also life direction and I explain why here in this video.

I will be bringing you a new topic every Thursday at 8pm. Next week I will be sharing ‘What to expect in a Reading’ and also what not to expect!  I hope you can join me, and if you do please do say Hi as I like to make your experience as personal as possible. I would also really appreciate your support by liking and sharing the video.

Also do let me know in the comments below if there are any topics you would like us to cover.Live Facebook Traci C 1454

You can also watch any of the videos by visiting The Circle Psychics Facebook Page and clicking onto Videos.  Each video is 10-15 minutes. I usually stick around for a few minutes after to respond to your comments and questions.

If you are brand new to The Circle, then Welcome! Do call our Customer Care team on 0800 0678 951 and ask about any relevant offers and also about booking in a reading with me Traci C #1454 or one of our other talented readers.

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x

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