How many times does your Inner Critic ruin your Day? If you are like my clients it can be many.  The I’m not good enough, or I’m so stupid, Why did I think I could… Why didn’t I… I’m not any good at… See, I knew I couldn’t… You could fill in the blank with so many scenarios and as an Intuitive coach, I am sure I have heard them all.  What if I could give your Two Powerful Tips To Quieten Your Inner Critic today?  Just Two.

Two Powerful Tips To Quieten Your Inner Critic

Two Powerful Tips to Quieten your Inner Critic

Your Inner Critic may be used to running the show, taking charge and stopping you mid-change. You know the moment when you are so pumped up and excited that you are going too…. Start that exercise regime; go on a diet; agree to that date; apply for that job; book a viewing for that beautiful house.  Your Inner Critic waltzes in with the ‘who do you think you are? ‘You can’t have/do…..’ ‘What are you thinking? ‘last time you tried to… (try to exercise; start a diet; go on a date; speak to your boss about a raise; apply for a new position) you failed.

Our Inner Critics can be rife with judgemental, negative and downright mean words and phrases.

You are not alone

The sad part is you are not alone.  I have yet to come across one person who does not have an Inner Critic.  Sure, I have met people that have quietened their Inner Critic and I have helped my clients to do just that.  In fact I have helped my clients to Fire their Inner Critic and Hire their Inner Coach and I am going to share with your Two powerful Tips to start you on your way to doing the same.

Tip #1.

The first tip I share with my clients when their Inner Critic is putting them down is to Ask; Is it True?

Two Powerful Tips to Quieten your Inner Critic Is it True

Often times our Inner Critic is so judgmental and detrimental but it is not even true.  Take the ‘I’m so stupid’ example.  Is that True?  No, because at some point in your life (hopefully many) you have made well thought out and intelligent decisions.

Or in the weight loss example if your Inner Critic is saying ‘you can’t lose weight’ is that true?  No, especially if you have lost some before even if it is a 1lb or 2lb, so, No, it is not true.

Tip #2.

The second tip I share with my clients is to Ask; ‘Is it helpful?’

Two Powerful Tips to Quieten your Inner Critic Is it True Is it helpful

How many times did you hear when you were growing up to ignore the mean words from other kids?  To ‘take no notice?’ I get my clients to concentrate on whether it is helpful and if it is not then the great part is you have a CHOICE as to whether you listen. And given a choice, most of us would choose not to act, react or pay any attention to anything unhelpful.

Traci x

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