This weekly oracle card reading 25th September – 1st October is using the Angel Tarot deck, although a controversial issue now surrounds this deck for some, I find it a very intuitive deck that brings through so much accuracy and light.Weekly Oracle Cards 25 -1

This deck is an Angel Tarot deck which is a traditional Tarot deck in the sense of having the structure of the Major and Minor Arcana. However, the design of this deck focuses on the Angelic and positive forces of Divine connection.  Tarot is not and never has been negative in my view, however some of the images depicted in many Tarot decks can form this opinion.

Coming through first this week is the Hermit.

9 The Hermit

Weekly Oracle 25 September - 1st October 9 The Hermit

The Hermit is a card that guides you into quiet meditation. Taking time out to go into your inner self for reflection and understanding. It is a time that encourages self-development and understanding.  It can also represent being mentored especially in spiritual teachings.

This card can often come through at a time where you need to seek out a mentor.  A mentor can help to propel you into deeper depths of discovery and understanding. This time of discovery will help to enhance your life in many ways. For lightworkers it can also bring forth the message of asking you to embrace your true path.


Page of Water

Weekly Oracle 25 September - 1st October Page of WaterThis card often represents either a new person entering your life in a romantic sense or your current relationship moving into the next level. One aspect that often shows itself to me when I pull this card in readings is to be intuitive about your connection.  Often times we rely more on vocabulary than on sense and feeling. However, especially in romantic relationships there is so much more said in senses, emotions and feelings than can ever be expressed in words.

Use your intuition to gain a greater depth and understanding in your relationship.



0 The Dreamer
Weekly Oracle 25th September - 1st October 0 The Dreamer

This card represents new opportunities and often needing to take a leap of faith.  As it is the first major arcana card in the deck it is about beginnings and with beginnings comes the unknown.

Have faith and believe in your direction and also believe in the magic of life. Your mindset, attitude and aptitude will make all the difference in how you embrace and accept these new opportunities even when you cannot see exactly where they may lead.



We are in the last week of September which is also a great time to go back and reflect on the Monthly Oracle reading we had for September. As we have also used a variety of card decks this month I would love to hear which have resonated with you the most.  Which deck do you feel speaks to you louder than the others?  Which deck feels more connected to you? Which deck do you think is more aligned to you and your style. I would love to hear from you so do let me know in the comments.

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x


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