This week’s Weekly Oracle Reading 16 – 22nd October is featuring the Wisdom of the Oracle set by Colette Baron-Reid because quite frankly I am just in love with this deck.  It is so intuitive but also incredibly beautiful to the eye.

Weekly Oracle Reading 16 – 22 October

Weekly Oracle Reading 16 - 22 October

49 The ObserverWeekly Oracle Reading 16 - 22 October 49 Observer Wisdom of the Oracle

This week the guidance from this card for the Weekly Oracle 16 – 22 October is asking you to be a neutral observer, stepping back from the situation, experience, person or persons so that you can observe what is really happening. Sometimes when we get sucked it can be hard to remain objective but by stepping back and being a neutral observer you will be able to identify much easier the next move you need to make.

It can also be wise to step back to better understand what others motives are, the reason why they are doing what they are doing.  Being the neutral observer often means we can then better understand and therefore empathise and be able to deal with the situation, person or persons better.

As this card states: “Consider what you need to understand about the conditions, people, culture and environment you’re engaged with now.  You’ll be happy you did.  Illumination is the miracle you seek and will indeed find you.”

29 Breathe

Weekly Oracle Reading 16 - 22 October 29 Breathe Wisdom of the Oracle

This is the perfect cards to follow on from 49 Observer as it is all about taking a step back.  Taking the time to breathe.  It is a time to hold of on action, rest, recuperate, gather your thoughts and just be.  Meditation or mindfulness can also be the guidance from this card and knowing that you do all things will become clear.  Be in this moment, breathe in deeply and allow the air to fully feel your lungs, then exhale deeply until you are dispelling all air and repeat. Until you feel comfortable to breathe again in your natural rhythm.

As this card states: “Stop to smell the roses, breathe in the sunlight and release the darkness and miracles will appear.”

6 Not for You

Weekly Oracle Reading 16 - 22 October 6 Not For You Wisdom of the Oracle

This card is coming to you in guidance that now is not the time of receiving what you seek.  This card often appears as a way of letting you know you need to wait. The waiting though often has a purpose and that purpose maybe that at this time you do not have all the information to hand.  That things may not be quite as they seem.  That this time may not be the best time to push forward.

As this card states: “A clear knowing that something is being denied you, rejection is God’s protection.”

As always do let me know how much his resonates with you this week by leaving a comment below.

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x

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