Here is the Weekly Oracle Reading 18-24 September using the Deck by Colette Baron-Reid. There is also a that accompanies the story of these oracle cards, how they came about and how to navigate your life through the Map system.  It is heavily influenced on looking at where you have been, where you are now and where you would like to be. You can then recognise what is working for you and more importantly what isn’t. Then you can course correct if needs be and move into a more aligned direction.

Weekly Oracle Reading 18-24 September

Weekly Oracle Card Reading 18-24 September

14 Ride the WaveWeekly Oracle Reading 18-24 September 14 ride the wave Enchanted Map

This is such a wonderful card to start off this week.  It reflects that now is the time where you can ‘Ride the Wave’ of abundance.  It is showing that your hard work is paying off and now you can reap the rewards.  You have quite literally turned the tide! All of your experiences and skills are what has lead you to this point and are what will be carrying you through.

21 Field of DreamsWeekly Oracle Reading 18-24 September 21 field of dreams Enchanted Map

I love that this card has followed Ride the Wave as this suggest that there is even more to come!  There is a greater potential here than you have seen and it is encouraging you to keep dreaming.  You have not reached the destination yet as there is more to come.  Often times when we reap the rewards we stop dreaming or wishing to explore further potential where as this card is suggesting that you can and should explore, explore, explore! As this card states:- “Dream big, dream beautiful, take action and tend to the garden of your life… and experience the extraordinary.

7 Into the UnknownWeekly Oracle Reading 18-24 September 7 Into the Unknown Enchanted Map

As the last card was informing you that there is still yet more to come and to continue dreaming.This card is asking you to Trust. We cannot always see what is ahead and sometimes that means we just have to trust and have faith. As this card states:- “Whatever your inquiry, trust that you’ll be safe. Stay aware as you discover new and marvellous territories and valuable treasures”.

If you refer back to our Monthly Oracle Reading for September these cards are in complete alignment with Serendipity, Never-Ending Story and also Come to the Edge.  You can also check out the daily guidance cards which I share on my facebook page as well as on instagram.

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x

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