The by has been used this week for the Weekly Oracle Reading 2nd-8th October. This deck has been used a few times and it has already become a big hit with many of you.

Weekly Oracle Reading 2 – 8 October

Weekly Oracle Reading 2 - 8 October 2017

34 A Leg Up

This is such a significant card for the Weekly Oracle Reading 2 – 8 October as it is the first week of the month. It is a card that signifies delegating and receiving help. A card that comes to you when you are at a point in your life that going it alone is no longer an option.  This card often appears when you are at a time in life when things are getting to a tipping point. You either need time freedom or need help with a skill set or experience. That is where the delegation comes to the rescue.

It can also be coming to you when you have been going through it alone and not accepting the help that others are trying to provide for you. You may have heard that no-one is an island and that analogy is represented here.

Weekly Oracle Reading 2 - 8 October 34 A Leg Up Wisdom of the Oracle

When this card comes to you it is also letting you know that the help you need is already coming to you, you just need to be open to it.  You will find those that have the skills to help you will appear.

You will receive ‘a leg up’ during this next phase of your journey.  As this card states:- Help comes to you in all areas of your life where you need a boost.  The trick is to accept that aid so freely given. When you embrace interdependence, allowing teamwork and independence to commingle, miracles happen.

4 Higher Power

It is probably no surprise that this is one of my favourite cards from this deck. It comes to you reminding you that your are connected to the Divine.  It is letting you know that you are seeing Source Energy in all things and that you are committing to a partnership with Spirit.Weekly Oracle Reading 2 - 8 October 4 Higher Power Wisdom of the Oracle

When this card comes through it usually encourages you to ask “What is the highest good for all. It calls upon you to answer “How can I serve?”. Know and have faith that there is more than you can currently see at this time of your life.  Know and have faith that the destination will be more than you can see or even imagine at this time.

For those that have already been feeling this consciousness the card will be coming to you, calling upon you to deepen the connection through prayer or meditation. As this card states:- “You need to be conscious of your connection to Spirit and foster it through prayer and meditation”. It also states:- “You are always protected and Divinely directed“.

20 Imagine

Great card to follow on from 4 Higher Power as this brings the message of turning Imagination into Manifestation. Earlier it was mentioned about knowing and having faith. This goes even further and asks “What do you really want?“. “What do you need to believe in order to have the life you want?” You already know that you are being Divinely Directed and now it is encouraging you to embrace that and not limit yourself.

Weekly Oracle Reading 2 - 8 October 20 Imagine Wisdom of the OracleAs this card states:- You were gifted with the power to imagine. If you can dream it you can create it. This is the time your imagination is the key to manifesting the life you desire.”

This card encourages you to create your vision board, your affirmations and the imaginative and creative aspects that help you to feel your dreams, your wants and desires.  It is a card that represents the end result and is not caught up in the detail of how.  It is encourages you to let go and put logic aside.

This card also states:- Allow the power of your creativity to deliver images of what feeds your soul. Then allow your feelings to mingle with your inspirations and imagine these things being real right now. Then repeat. What you imagine will become your belief.”

Let me know how much this reading resonates with you by commenting below.  How much did this reading help you throughout your week? Let me know by coming back and leaving a comment.

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x

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