Here is the Weekly Oracle Reading for the 11-17 September 2017 using the by .  I have loved getting acquainted with this deck and I can easily see it becoming a go to deck which is a huge statement for me.  My usual go to deck is the Angel tarot deck but I just get so much from this deck in terms of energy and information and it works so well with the a round off for your affirmation.

Weekly Oracle Reading for the 11-17 September 2017

Weekly Oracle Reading 11-17 September

12 A Change in the Wind for Weekly Oracle Reading 11-17 September 12 A Change In The Wind Wisdom of the Oracle Colette Baron-Reid

This card represents that there is uncertainty around you at the moment and as the following card Mending has also come through this uncertainty is likely to be in relation to someone you are close too.  This could be in a relationship or someone that is a family member, friend, or work colleague that you are in close collaboration with.  You are looking for certainty and synchronisation but just know that in times of change that will bring uncertainty and differences.

As I am being guided the energy surrounding this is calling you to have faith.  The changes that are happening are ones that are necessary to bring you personal growth and happiness.  Also have faith that if your direction and decisions change it is also setting you onto a better path.  Try to release the fear of change and also the fear that the change which may seem different to those around you will still be right for you.  As this card states “Now is a time of transformation as outer conditions are temporarily moving out of sync with your desires and expectations. Stay the course and remember that even storms serve to clear the air, scatter seeds and nourish the soil for better things ahead”.

52 Mending for Weekly Oracle Reading 11-17 September

52 Mending Wisdom of the Oracle Colette Baron-Reid

Mending is all about forgiveness, making amends and healing after arguments.  It is important to let go of old hurts whether those be days, weeks, months or years old as now is the time to reclaim your power.  By holding onto past pains and even rehearsing arguments over and over again (I know so many of us do!) we are keeping ourselves stuck in a pattern of the same hurt and pain.  Revisiting and re-feeling all that went before. To be able to embrace all that you want in life and to accept and experience the best that life has to offer we must first mend, heal and forgive all that went before.

As this card states, “make amends to anyone you may have hurt along the way – especially yourself. Forgive those who may have taken advantage of you. Let go and learn from this”.

38 To Be Fair for Weekly Oracle Reading 11-17 September

38 To Be Fair Wisdom of the Oracle Colette Baron-Reid

As you can see by the scales this card represents balance but as I am energetically being drawn to the owl it’s message this week is also about being wise. Wise in your thoughts and actions. Seeing the whole story, the ‘bigger picture’ as they say. For it takes all experiences in life to help us to become the best version of ourselves.  Challenges and adversity in experiences and connections helps us to understand, grow and mature.

As with the other cards represented this week you may not be feeling 100% of where you are or with the messages of those around you, accept them without judgement anyway as the card states, “you will see how the universe adjusts in perfect balance.  You reap what you sow. For every cause, there is an effect. Wondrous things will be revealed now”.

I often find that it is at the time of the deepest questioning of your current path or situation that the cusp of success, happiness and authenticity then follows.

I would love to hear how this weekly Oracle Reading 11 – 17 September resonates with you and what shifts happen for you during the week. Do also let me know in the comments if this has help to guide you to better reactions and acceptance as these Oracle cards are great for providing you with the guidance so you have the power to make the best decisions for you to give you the best outcome. Do check out September’s Monthly Oracle Reading as well for a monthly overview.

As always I wish you,

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x

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