Intuition is your internal guide, your internal roadmap.  Just like map reading you search for the final destination and then work out the best route to take you there.

Why Intuition is your internal roadmap

Usually there are many routes. The long way, the short way, the scenic way, the we can stop off at… way. And if you discover any roadblocks or challenges on the way you can change course and use the map to find a different route.

Why Intuition is your Internal Roadmap

Your Intuition works in a very similar way.  You work out where your final destination is.  This could be a goal, a focus, an intention and here is the thing… If you have not proactively and consciously thought of one.  Your Intuition will be taking what your sub-conscious is focusing on as the final destination. (More on this during my Law of Attraction Week.)

Your intuition already knows the best, fastest and most profound way for you to get there.  It also already knows how many possible choices there are to your destination.  It is also aware of deviations that may serve your higher self or purpose.

If that is True, Why do I feel so lost?

However, even though your Intuition knows all of that information there are so many that still feel blind.  Feel as though they are lost in the sea of decisions, possibilities and vast opportunities.

One of the most frequently asked question I receive after sharing this is well Traci, if that is True, why do I still feel so lost.

Great question, and if you are asking that yourself right now then you are not alone. The simple answer is that the majority of us are out of touch with our intuition.  We do not hear it, see it, feel it.  We are no longer paying attention to the signs. Intuition is often so subtle that it gets, ignored or over looked.

In ‘Why Intuition is Not as Woo Woo as you Think‘ I shared what intuition really is. “The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning“, for many as they have not had to ‘work’ for it, it gets dismissed as an imaginary thought, an anomaly, it is treated as though it should not be there and so is dismissed and forgotten.

Can you hear me?

I often imagine that our intuition is knocking on a sheet of thick glass inside of us shouting “Can you hear me?”.  Well, it would if it had a voice.  Now, the ‘voice’, feeling, instinct if you like, is not to be confused with your Inner Critic.  Your Intuition is observational, never critical, never stern or resembling any form of negativity.  Neither is it overly positive.  Your intuition is as I mentioned observational, neutral.  Without Judgement.

These traits alone should help you to differentiate your Intuition from your Inner Critic or even your Inner Coach. And although I used ‘voice’ as an example your intuition is much more of an inner knowing than a voice. A feeling, which is why it is referred to as a gut instinct, sixth sense, hunch for example.


How many times have you been heading in one direction only to feel that you need to change to another. Whether that be as simple as driving or walking down a street, to being in one job and feeling like you should move to another, or being in one relationship and feeling that you need to move away from it? These are all signs your intuition is trying to help you to make the best choices for your highest self.  Even if at the time it may feel counter-intuitive.


Many times you may think a feeling or thought is counter-intuitive and so once again dismiss it or ignore it.  Perhaps it is encouraging you to do the opposite of what you were heading towards. Maybe it just does not logically make sense.  We are hardwired to make decisions by analysing the past and so often are unable to be open to new possibilities outside of our current understanding.

Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.

As to the wording of success that could be replaced with ‘happiness‘, ‘wealth‘ even ‘health‘. Now, you may ask me. well Traci How does that relate to health?  The simple perception to this is why do some people work out and others don’t? Why do some people eat healthier than others?  Often times it is down to the education and level of personal development and knowledge obtained to help them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Many times when you feel that your intuition is guiding you in a seemingly counter-intuitive direction it is in an area of substantial growth for you.  Growth comes by surpassing our comfort zone and intuition often points you in that direction.  The problem is most people resist that intuition because it may seem to hard, it may not make sense, goes against logic and would be uncomfortable.

However, as an Intuitive and as an Transformation Coach I am going to be asking you to pay attention to your intuition, pay attention to being pushed beyond your current boundaries because logic can never take you past what you already know and from the work that I do and the experiences I hear people relaying to me is that they are not 100% happy with how their life is in all areas.

To discover more about Intuition, including how to get in-tune and tools for enhancing your Intuition, see all articles and videos in my Intuition Week Series

Intuition Week

Intuition Week

Love, Light and Blessings

Traci x

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