Maybe you thought Intuition was just for the few, maybe just for the Spiritual but you are intuitive and here is why.

You are Intuitive

You are Intuitive

How many times have you just ‘known’ something?  Not really understanding how, you just did.  Or had an instant feeling that you were going to get on really well with a person before you have even had the chance to get to know them?  Or had the opposite effect and known that you have wanted to stay away from a person saying that you have a bad vibe, or you have a gut instinct about that person.

All of these and so much more are happening because you are intuitive.


Intuition as defined in the dictionary is:

the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning

Everyone is intuitive. The depth as to how someone taps into their intuition is dependent on how much they pay attention and develop their understanding about it.

How Intuition Saved my Children

Intuition is subtle and that is how it can easily be missed, brushed off as a rogue thought. An overactive imagination.

However, intuition has saved my children on three occasions.

During Labour

I  had what would be described as a normal pregnancy with Grace (my now 5 year old).  There had been a few times of going to hospital thinking that labour was in full swing for it only to stop and need to come back home again.

I was overdue but once again labour had started and for sure I felt that this time it would result in us meeting our baby.   I had been in labour for hours, but was coping and the birthing pool was helping with the pain as Grace was back to back.  I had this almighty urge to push and said so to my midwife who was happily saying great, push.  But I stopped myself and said no, something is wrong, it doesn’t feel right.  Upon examination the midwife was shocked o find that Grace was far to high up.  After many more hours I had to have an emergency c-section.  Grace is one of 2000 babies that was born with a true knot in her umbilical cord and if she had of been born naturally unfortunately would not have survived.  The intuition not to push saved her and although at the time I did not know ‘why’ I am still thankful to this day for paying attention and acting upon my intuition.

You are Intuitive Grace

The Baby Monitor

The second time one of my children has been saved by intuition was shortly after we moved into our new property. It was about 3-4 weeks after we moved in and I had this overwhelming thought that we needed a baby monitor.  By this time Alina was 1 year 2 months old. I thought it a little odd at the time but as I was also pregnant with Soraya I thought well maybe it would be a good idea. A few days past and the urge came back along with my attention being drawn to every baby monitor picture or advert.

I brought a baby monitor and put it in Alina’s bedroom.  Less than a week had passed when I was working downstairs, (technically under the stairs, like Harry Potter!) and Mark was in the front room.  We heard a male’s voice come through the baby monitor.  Knowing there were not any other males in the house both Mark and I ran up the stairs to find Alina lying on her back choking as she had been sick. You are always told that children naturally turn their head, but Alina hadn’t.  You also think that chocking means there would be sound but there was also no sound. That baby monitor saved her life… and as for the voice?  You will have to make your own conclusions on that one!

Front Room Sleep Over

We had taken Nevaeh and Grace swimming, had dinner in the restaurant and then taken them on the Torquay Wheel.  Grace had wanted to go on the Torquay wheel for so long and seeing her delighted face is a moment I will never forget.  As we approached the car to go home I had this strong thought of us all having a sleep over in the front room.  I knew the girls would love it.  The thought however, seemingly came from nowhere and just popped into me head.

We brought the girls mattresses down and set everything up.  Watched a film and then all settled down to sleep.  In the early hours of the morning their was a slight noise, not very loud, but almost like a gargle.  Both Mark and I shot awake, just ‘knowing’ something wasn’t right.  This time Grace was choking as she did the same thing as Alina, had been sick but not moved her head.  The noise was so quiet that had we not been in the same room as her there is noway we would have heard it!

I could share many more examples of where my intuition has lead me in the right direction and also examples of how ignoring my intuition has led to some harsh lessons learnt.  However, here is another example of intuition from Oprah.com.

Deep Trouble

Her doctor assured her she was in good health, but eerie dreams left Trisha Coburn with a sense of foreboding she couldn’t shake.

I was 46 years old, I had three terrific kids, a happy marriage, and a painting studio where I spent hours every day. Not only was nothing wrong in my life, plenty was incredibly right. But then I had the dream.

I was standing at a barbed-wire fence across from five or six terribly frail people with huge dark eyes and ghostly pale skin. They were trying to tell me something in a language I didn’t understand. It was intense and disturbing, and it left me rattled.

A week later I had the dream again, only this time there were a dozen people trying to get me to grasp what they were saying.

The following week the dream returned, but now there were 20 people, and they looked desperate. I woke up crying. I started feeling afraid to go to sleep.

Even though my husband thought I was overreacting, I called my doctor to schedule a physical. I didn’t know what else to do. The receptionist pointed out that I’d just had a physical six months earlier; the most I could talk her into was some new blood work. At the appointment, I told the doctor I felt that something wasn’t right. He smiled. “You eat well, you exercise, you’re healthy. Quit worrying.” Two days later, his nurse called to say my blood work was fine. I relaxed and figured I could put my fears behind me.

A week later, the dream was back. There must have been 100 people—wailing, screaming, pleading with me. I kept saying, “I don’t know what you want from me! Please, please tell me what I’m supposed to do.”

A few days later, the fifth and final dream: Back at the fence, only this time nobody is there. I fall to my knees, sobbing, “Come back. I need you to help me.” And suddenly I hear one voice. And that voice says two words—in perfect English: “Look deeper.”

I called my doctor the minute his office opened. “What’s the deepest place in the human body?” He said, “I suppose it’s the colon.” And I said, “Then I want a colonoscopy.” He explained that I had no family history of colon cancer, no symptoms, that insurance would never cover it. However, I persisted.

I told the gastroenterologist I wanted to be awake for the procedure. I watched the camera twisting and turning and following the curves through my colon, and then I heard the doctor draw a breath and say, “Oh my.” There, on the screen, was a black mass. And the doctor promptly put me to sleep.

It was cancer—aggressive and fast moving. She later told me that if I’d waited even two months, my prognosis would have been…grim.

Subtle Intuition

You may have read the above and then identified similar moments that had happened for you and realised you are intuitive.  But you may had thought of them as down to ‘luck. It was your intuition looking out for you.  Other times it may had been even more subtle. A feeling to take a different direction to work, to then find out there were roadworks.  To eat at a different restaurant than your usual favourite haunt to then discover there was an outbreak of food poisoning.

The thought to not attend an event to only discover that had you gone you would have been faced with meeting a person you would much rather avoid.

All of these are examples that showing you that ‘You are Intuitive’.

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