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Four ways to work with me…

Putting you in control to choose an option based on your preferred learning style, commitment level and budget. 1-1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Programmes and VIP memberships mean there is something for every Female Entrepreneur to help them propel in business no matter the current business level. You can reach the level of success you desire.

Private Coaching

1:1 Private Mentorship

If you are looking for your Business to provide you with your desired lifestyle in the quickest and easiest way then this is the option for you!  This is your deep dive option and for those that are serious about taking their business to the next level, are looking to get unstuck, scale their business and receive the support, accountability, strategies and ways to work on your business, not in your business.  Your 1-1 Coaching Package includes 1-1 coaching with video replays, private access to message me, email support and private client portal.

Group Coaching

Focused Small Groups

Support, accountability and success strategies with a Group coaching environment.  This is your deep dive option for those that are serious about taking their business to the next level, are looking to get unstuck, scale their business and receive the support and ideas of other entrepreneurs.  Your Group Coaching Package includes private facebook group support, Live video Group Coaching sessions with video replays.

Online Programs

Online Training

We have various online programmes available for different levels of your Business Journey through to different skillset requirements.  We also want you to have the answers you need to help you to make your business the business that will provide you with the lifestyle you want.  Ensuring you are the right fit for a programme is essential for your success – after all how many times have you had a programme and not completed it or gained the results you were promised? Here we do it differently…

VIP Membership

Private Community

Coming Soon!  This is an exclusive membership through application approval only…

What my clients say…

Robyn Bourne

Robyn Bourne

Founder- BTO Talent

My business and personal life now have a clear purpose and vision that I am working towards, Traci has helped to identify my dreams, then clear the blockages to get me on the right track, plus pulling me back there when I veer off on some random tangent.

Traci is incredibly professional, thoughtful, intuitive, caring and going above and beyond ensuring that you walk away in a better place.

Amy Nolan

Amy Nolan

Owner - Ginger Rainbow

Traci has great positive energy, plenty of practical solutions to offer and a wish to see others succeed. I very much enjoyed her workshop.

On a practical level, she has a fantastic delivery and personal style which makes her a great guest facilitator on an event. Awesome!

Lin Cheung

Lin Cheung

Creativity Coach & Artist

Traci delivered a workshop as part of a retreat I was attending. She is a person of great passion and commitment, a lively and interesting speaker. She also worked with me on a specific question relating to my art business and the process she used was very helpful and enlightening.

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